Does Maggie T. Oliver NM Sec. of State hopeful think she is a queen?

Maggie T. Oliver, the Bernalillo County Clerk and Secretary of State hopeful posted an interesting picture on her Facebook profile.

Quite a few political operatives have dubbed Ms. Oliver the “Dark Money Queen”– undoubtedly due to her involvement in partisan campaigning, political consulting for far-Left dark money political organizations and her insistence in using her office as a tool for aiding partisan causes.

Most recently Maggie T. Oliver has received the aid, via attack ads on her incumbent opponent Dianna Duran, of the radical power-hungry George Soros, making the nickname “Dark Money Queen” all the more appropriate.

Who does Maggie Oliver think she is?  A queen? Comments on her Facebook picture include, “Where’s the tiara?“, “You ARE royalty, Maggie.“, and “Not exactly Game of Thrones.

Don’t let Soros control the Secretary of State’s office in New Mexico and put a pompous beguiling political operative in a position which should be filled with an honest, competent official!  Vote Dianna Duran for Secretary of State!

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