New Mexicans need to REJECT George Soros’ pick Maggie T. Oliver for Sec. of State

George Soros’ Dark Money Queen

As George Soros pours money into the the New Mexico Secretary of State race via ads his  we see other hard-Left groups bolstering the effort to push Soros-favorite Democrat nominee Maggie T. Oliver into the office of Secretary of State.  Four years of honesty and integrity in the Secretary of State’s office have been enough, according to the hard-Left.

Maggie T. Oliver, the Bernalillo county clerk who swaps voter registrations between counties illegally during an election, registers a dog to vote, wants partisan voter guides at the polls and “finds” 125 absentee ballots days after the 2012 election results are final wants to be crowned Secretary of State by the “great” George Soros.

Maggie T. Oliver, Secretary of State hopeful, has a lot of support from Dark Money groups. It would be surprising if she didn’t have their support because before she was elevated to the position of county clerk, Maggie T. Oliver was a political consultant campaigning for partisan causes and working for hard-Left organizations.

One of the organizations Maggie Oliver ran before becoming county clerk was the Conservation Voters of New Mexico.  It was quite a surprise [sarcasm] when she was endorsed by the group she formerly ran!  While county clerk, Maggie T. Oliver used her position whenever possible to push partisan causes– from raising the minimum wage and quietly aiding incremental marijuana legalization to campaigning for same sex marriage and speaking at hard-Left Soros-funded NetRoots Nation conference.  Don’t be fooled by the beguiling smile and clever side-steps she takes when she is confronted with the truth.

Maggie T. Oliver is not somebody who can be trusted as our Secretary of State!  New Mexicans need to reelect Dianna Duran to keep competent, honest leadership in the important office of Secretary of State!

Please vote, call like-minded your family and friends and support Dianna Duran!


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One thought on “New Mexicans need to REJECT George Soros’ pick Maggie T. Oliver for Sec. of State

  1. I wasn’t aware of this race until I saw your entry, but now I’m inspired to send Maggie T. Oliver money. Where can I send it?


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