The Soros funding behind Maggie T. Oliver Sec. of State candidate

False ads which are currently being shown against Secretary of State Dianna Duran, and in support of her opponent, are paid for by the billionaire George Soros, who is closely linked to the infamous ACORN organization. 

70 members of this same ACORN group who have worked in 12 states have been convicted of voter registration fraud.  Before ACORN disbanded, the organization registered 1.3 million people; 450,000 of those registrations were fraudulent.  Though some of the group’s operatives have been sentenced to probation, quite a few went to jail.

One of Maggie T. Oliver’s contributors, who is also linked to Soros, is a man who was called a domestic terrorist and who has called our servicemen and women “murderers.”  These are the kinds of special interest dark money groups and individuals that are funding the anti-Sec. of State Dianna Duran ads, and also helping fund the Bernalillo Co Clerk Maggie T. Oliver’s campaign.

Do we need a Soros-controlled Secretary of State?  New Mexicans deserve a competent leader who is fair, balanced honest and just in the role of Secretary of State.  This is why I believe we need to elect Dianna Duran!

Agree with me?  Please share this post and encourage your like-minded friends to vote for Dianna Duran for Secretary of State.

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