Democrat candidate: “Awesome” illegal campaigning

Last week Democrat candidate for state Representative Harrison Todacheene posted some pictures of teams out canvassing for him.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

A big “oops”?

Usually there’s not a problem with volunteers canvassing, but in this case the volunteers were declared by Harrison Todacheene’s own campaign (on his Facebook page) to be ROTC and obviously they’re campaigning in their military uniform!!  That is illegal!

Mr. Harrison Todacheene’s comment was, “Wow this is awesome!! I like to thank the young ROTC volunteers, Who helped canvass this past weekend!!! I appreciate all of your help!! Thank You!!!”

Sorry Mr. Todacheene, illegal campaigning activity is not awesome and is not acceptable.  It is illegal– is this a taste of the kind of representative you would be, Mr. Todacheene?  Is this hypocrisy or what?

No thank you.  Let’s reelect Representative Sharon Clahchischilliage!

Davis- LinkedIn381 Oct. 22 21.31

Update 10-23-2014 11:45p.m. I added a screenshot because the Facebook post I originally embedded has been deleted

P.S. I am anxiously waiting for my “dear friend” Patrick Davis the Progress Now New Mexico executive director to write a piece calling out this shameful illegal activity; ROTC canvassing is nothing to be ignored– but wait, what am I saying?  Pat Davis only attacks Republicans and usually does that using false information!…

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2 thoughts on “Democrat candidate: “Awesome” illegal campaigning

  1. Illegal & in violation of cadet regulations. Is this even being investigated? I am a New Mexico resident and veteran with 25 years of service and this is just plain wrong. Whatever ROTC/JROTC commander allowed this to happens needs to be held accountable.


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