Radical endorsements for Democrats show us they’re desperate!

“A Real Environmentalist Whacko”

The Left is desperate, they’re calling in the radical “big guns” to endorse their candidates!  Look at these recent emails sent out by the candidates that Allen Weh and Aubrey Dunn are opposing:

I cannot tell you how devastating it would be for New Mexico if Aubrey Dunn is elected as our Land Commissioner. He has a certain disdain for those who care about the environment, which is a troubling sign for someone who if elected could be responsible for millions of acres of land in New Mexico.

We need a Land Commissioner who understands that we can generate revenue from our working lands in a responsible manner and ensures that these lands are productive and healthy for future generations.

Funny that in his email to New Mexicans U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich doesn’t tell us;

  1. Would like to see our forests locked up tight enabling fierce forest fires due to unkept lands and terrible underbrush growth in our forests
  2. The candidate he supports is so radical like him.  For instance Heinrich cheered as the Organ Mountains are set aside as a national monument against the will of the people.
  3. That Heinrich himself is a staunch Left-wing environmentalist who has earned the dedicated support of the radical Sierra Club

It’s clear that Sen. Heinrich’s endorsement of Aubrey Dunn’s opponent Ray Powell is clearly just another case of the pot calling the kettle black!

“A Real Radical Fake Native American Endorsement”

The next email attack piece is under the name of Elizabeth Warren the fake Native American who hasn’t hesitated to lie about her ethnicity to get a job at Harvard.  Now maybe in some northeastern state like Massachusetts, that is okay, but in New Mexico a state with a high percentage of Native Americans, the lie shouldn’t be overlooked.  It is a direct slap in the face to real Native Americans!  But back to Warren’s message:

Tom Udall and I are fighting for a bill that would allow 134,000 people in New Mexico – and millions more across the country – to refinance their old student loans.

Earlier this year, we got 58 votes to move the bill forward – every Democrat, every Independent, and three Republicans. But the Republican leadership filibustered it—and the bill was stopped dead in its tracks.

Tom understands that partisan obstruction has paralyzed the Senate, not just on student loans, but on common sense bills like raising the minimum wage and equal pay for equal work. That’s why he’s taken the lead on reforming the Senate filibuster rules and reversing Citizens United.

Yada, yada, yada…  ’cause we really need people in office who are proud to be supported by liars who misrepresent their ethnicity!  For shame!  We do NOT need to return Udall to Washington D.C. for six more years!

Get Out The Vote!

We can win this election if we get out and vote!  This means you voting and calling a handful of neighbors and encouraging them to vote for our great slate of Republican candidates!  We don’t want to keep returning environmentalists and far-Left radicals to Santa Fe and D.C.  We need responsible leaders who will truly represent us!

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One thought on “Radical endorsements for Democrats show us they’re desperate!

  1. Aubrey Dunn, a believer of the Agenda 21 conspiracy, is a wacko. However, your biased blog will not print this.


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