On Tim Keller for Auditor: We know a duck when we see one

Uncredited guest blogpost (followup to Thursday blogpost):

Tim Keller’s ethics, character and actions have long been a concern to many in New Mexico except perhaps for the most progressive sycophants of the democratic party. Sadly, non-profit coordination has increasingly become a part of the New Mexico political scene. It first became an issue in 2008 dividing Democrats during their own primary when Tim Keller ran for the state senate. Keller’s actions during the campaign as he sought public office set a troubling precedent and are the the best indication of how he will conduct himself as a public servant if elected in the future. It is Keller’s pattern of demonizing his political opponents through innuendo by getting others to throw the political mud that makes him unqualified for the office of State Auditor.

Keller’s ad is immature, tone deaf and seems to miss the mark that “Breaking Bad” is a “morality play” and the theme of the show is that ones behavior has consequences. The purpose of the show is to demonstrate how the “clean” protagonist through his own poor choices ultimately becomes the “unclean” antagonist. How fitting it is that Keller has subconsciously cast himself as the “clean candidate” in the role of Walter White–good guy soon turned bad. This is most clearly demonstrated by Keller’s actions over the course of his political career to get elected. Keller’s resume and any good works he may have done are diminished by Keller’s poor choices and tarnished by his willingness to skirt New Mexico election laws.

In 2008, before the District court had entered a ruling, then Secretary of State Mary Hererra (Democrat) agreed non-profits sending mailers during Keller’s state senate race were in fact, in violation of election laws and subsequently issued an order for the non-profits politically coordinating with Keller to register as state political committees.  Ultimately, a liberal NM judge deemed there wasn’t sufficient evidence to legally sanction Keller and the non-profits named in the 2008 lawsuit. However, before the judges ruling, even the leader of the Democratic party and current candidate for governor; Gary King (Democrat) in his capacity as Attorney General after reviewing the mailers in question and evidence related to Keller’s campaign had his opinion of Tim Keller. “There’s an old saying that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then its probably a duck,” says AG King. “And I think we know a duck when we see one.”  Of course King in his capacity as Attorney General and in his usual feckless fashion when confronted with Keller’s potential violations of NM election law failed to act.

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