Response to Keller’s Ad: “Breaking Bad” or “Broken down”?

The following is a response* to Tim Keller’s TV ad “Car Wash” which is “Breaking Bad”** themed.  The ad (below) was released this week:

The “Breaking Bad” political ad done by Tim Keller is strikingly offensive and it reflects the “heart of an oppressor” and the actions of someone who cannot be trusted in the office he seeks as state auditor which requires ethics and trust to represent the public good.

I don’t believe I have ever witnessed such a discriminatory and divisive attack by a political campaign in New Mexico. How dare Keller use caste terminology and claim to be the “clean” candidate in a gratuitous empty attack against the Hispanic candidate Robert Aragon. The language and graphics plays into discriminatory stereotypes of Hispanics by exaggerating Mr. Aragon’s skin color. Keller’s links implies that Mr. Aragon is “dark” and therefore, unsavory and “unclean.” The Breaking Bad reference implies Mr. Aragon may have unseemly associations with drugs and perhaps may even be a criminal. As a New Mexican and Hispanic I find that Keller’s tone engenders the same sort of descent-based racism that was outlawed in in the 1950’s in post-independence India with their caste system. The unequal system of discrimination was created by those in power. It was practiced to serve the interests of those individuals who deemed themselves superior and created a distorted image associated with being “dirty” and condemned those individuals as being “unclean” and less than. “The untouchable castes are those who suffer from various social and political disabilities many of which are traditionally prescribed and socially enforced by higher castes.”

As a state senator in the district that represents the International district Keller’s use of a drug symbolism is troubling; as are the optics of the car wash venue internationally recognized as the hub of drug activity in a popular television show. Keller needlessly emphasizes the painful drug issues associated with his district where the community has worked hard to change long held negative stereotypes that the South East Heights is a crime ridden and drug filled ghetto. Thanks Mr. Keller for reinforcing that “war zone” stereotype as well. Maybe the community he represents will realize that they have been used as a means to end. They have served the political ambitions of Keller who true carpet bagger fashion, moved into their community to use them as a stepping stone, caricature and clever punch line for his next political conquest.

What is ironic is Keller the former Republican was”born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” Keller whose father is banker comes from such a privileged background that he doesn’t even realize he is grossly out of touch and his actions are offensive. How fitting it was in 2012 when the obtuse Keller lectured to the homeless and activists of Occupy Movement in Albuquerque at UNM and grinned like a Chesire cat when he bragged to the group about his own wealth and privilege but slammed capitalism and the 1%.

Keller’s background and career choices reflect his hypocrisy and represent all that is wrong with his limousine liberal elitist philosophies. He espouses certain principals such as support for public education, disdain toward the 1% and support for unions and increasing the minimum wage but his career does not reflect he has ever adhered to them. This candidate attended private schools. From St. Pius to Notre Dame; this Harvard educated elite never attended public school in his life but he is against school choice for your kids. Keller is the only candidate in the race for auditor who has worked as an investment banker on Wall Street for a firm that was investigated by the SEC and paid fines for their systemic corrupt practices that preyed illegally upon the firms clients.

After leaving Wall Street Keller “founded” an offshore company that would outsource jobs in third world Vietnam to digitize the written archives of the Harvard Crimson. This project would have cost the University two million dollars in the United States (more if done by a union shop) but by outsourcing to Vietnam where the prevailing wage is ten dollars a month the project was accomplished for much less with virtual slave wages and in the process harming American workers by taking much needed jobs overseas. Mr. Keller justifies the oppression and his opportunism by stating his company was “generous” and paid these workers seventeen dollars a month and provided some job training. Using “cheap” third world labor Keller was able to finance his company project for $50,000. Keller sanitizes his inhumane behavior and treatment of this group by claiming that he is only “helping” victims of land mines

Tim Keller- Broken Down

In addition Keller the good progressive worked as manager for a company that is one of the largest military contractors in the United States even though he is anti-military and opposed to the practices of the “evil” military industrial complex unless they are paying his salary. Finally, Keller will rant and rave about dark money and ethics in politics with the Suprem Court’s citizens united ruling. He will disavow the Koch Brothers exercising their free speech rights but his first campaign was financed by Daddy and under the table by billionaire George Soros as a pilot project with political operative, Eli Lee, to see how the progressives could up end local political races. During the campaign skirting ethics; the carpet bagger Keller moved into his South East Heights district to run and used non-profits and Soros money that should not have been used for politics but rather should have be used to promote the public good. Instead these non-profits demonized his opponents and attacked the character of Keller’s opponent utilizing the same distorted images and underhanded innuendo that is the hallmark of his current campaign.

In true Alinsky fashion, Tim Keller is a divisive, hypocritical and unethical candidate that demeans and uses those he claims to represent. Keller will continue to stoop to division and racist stereotypes to serve his own political ambitions and hypocritical progressive dogma. His racist act has disqualified him from public service and is unworthy to serve in any political capacity in a state as diverse as New Mexico. Tim Keller isn’t “Breaking Bad” his character is simply “Broken Down.”

*I didn’t write the response.  It was left as a comment on my blog and I considered it commentary worth sharing though I do not necessarily agree with or endorse every point in the response.

**Breaking Bad was a TV show filmed in Albuquerque.  Having never watched the show I am not familiar with every aspect of the show.

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