Attack hacks– DWI is not just “Driving While Intoxicated,” it’s also “Democrats With Issues”

Another Democrat operative with DWI problems?  Oh, yes!

Enter Keegan King, the 34-year-old activist that has worked with liberal political organizations that nobody has heard of according to Linkedin— one called New Mexico Youth Organized as well as the League of Young Voters NM, a group that declares that it is dedicated to turning out the progressive vote.  In two words, Keegan King fills the role of a “community organizer”.  Today, Keegan King is the campaign manager for Doreen Wonda Johnson, a woman who recently worked in Arizona and moved back to New Mexico– now she wants to unseat an incumbent state Representative in northern New Mexico.


A decade ago, Keegan King collected his first and second DWI offenses in less than two months.  Twice Keegan King failed to pay fines and after the second offense, he failed to register for DWI school (Case numbers: T-4-DW-2001005560 & T-4-DW-2001006492).

Flash forward over a dozen years…

Last fall, Keegan King was stopped by Albuquerque law enforcement after “failing to stay in the traffic lane.”  Then arrested and charged with aggravated DWI– his third DWI offense (Case number: T-4-DW-2013003630). 

The Progressive Democrat DWI team?

Three DWIs, are quite a few, even for a connected “Democrat With Issues” DWI.  More importantly,  nothing was learned (by Keegan’s DWIs years ago!).  And though I might be inclined to disregard the DWIs if they were all…well…maybe fifteen years old, however the recent DWI says Keegan King has some, well…problems…

What’s more, it’s interesting to connect the dots little and see WHO campaign manager Keegan King is aligned with in his attempt to elect Doreen Wonda Johnson!  As campaign manager for Johnson, a late and unimpressive new comer to NM, King decided to avoid her meager qualifications and launch the standard Saul Alinskey type attack on Rep. Jeff. 

As campaign manager for Johnson, King’s job is to oppose and attack Rep. Sandra Jeff, the independent-thinking Democrat who has found herself targeted by another “evil” man who has had some DWI problems and who also works with progressive groups– the other man with a DWI is Pat Davis the executive director of the hard-Left dark money organization ProgressNow NM!  Davis currently roams the streets and continues to practice the black art and politics of personal destruction. 


2 community organizers, 4 DWI charges

So both Davis and King who between them have four DWIs are working to unseat Rep. Sandra Jeff.  I have two questions:

  1. If Doreen Johnson chooses to hire a campaign manager who has had a recent DWI, what kind of people will she surround herself with if she is elected representative?  Is she condoning Keegan King’s behavior and saying driving drunk is okay?  That seems to be a message that can be inferred!
  2. How closely are the DWI Boys (Pat Davis and Keegan King) working together?  Both men worked to get Rep. Sandra Jeff off the ballot…how closely are they coordinating?

Two progressive Democrats connected to liberal organizations who are united by four DWI charges and their hate for Representative Sandra Jeff!  Quite a team?  Is the AGGRAVATED DWI charge part of the job qualifications for the Democrat partisan attack hacks?

Remember: Patrick Davis executive director of the hard-Left ProgressNow New Mexico dark money organization, was the man who proudly proclaimed that he had been staked out near her house.  Rep. Jeff has said repeatedly that Davis was stalking the children from his BMW.  Really.  Now isn’t that creepy?  And this is only a year after he was charged with aggravated DWI and later pleaded guilty to DWI (witnesses say he also claimed to be military and tried to intimidate law enforcement in an effort to get out of the aggravated DWI charge)!

Want answers?  Email Doreen Johnson (, give her a call (703-200-3688), tweet Keegan King here or contact the campaign on Facebook!  Please help us find out the truth about what is going on!

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