Guest Post: Sophie Votes Republican

Guest blogpost by Mason Sayer

Can a Republican Project Succeed on Kickstarter?

Heads up Republicans! It’s your turn to pony up on Kickstarter!

What’s Kickstarter?  If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter by now, you’re a little behind the times. It’s the most popular crowdfunding platform on earth. And it’s chock full of liberal projects. For example, check out these jokes: The Brainwashing of My Dad (advertised as “the truth behind the right-wing media machine that changed a father—and the nation).

On second thought, don’t check that out—it’s not worth your time. But Sophie Votes Republican is. Looks like some young, brave (Republican) souls have dared to march into liberal territory. Sophie Votes Republican is an adorable new children’s book teaching kids the importance of patriotism and conservative ideals.  Three young Republicans are on Kickstarter to raise money to publish this book. By backing the project, you’ll be the first to get Sophie Votes Republican in your hot little hands. Check out their video below and their Kickstarter page here.


Can a Republican project succeed on Kickstarter? This project closes on Election Day, so stay tuned. Better yet, get on board and back the project and share the news with your friends. It would be a shame to see a great conservative project fail while liberal projects, like those mentioned above, blast past their funding goals.

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From PF:

Remember… if you are a New Mexico resident early voting began at your county clerk’s office this week!  If you’re wondering who to vote for, I fully support and endorse every Republican nominee for federal, statewide, and House race in New Mexico!

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