Emily Kane: Playing by the rules is too hard!

“… you are absolutely not to wear your AFD uniform, or to utilize or display your badge or insignia in photographs related to your legislative or political activities,” wrote then-assistant city attorney Rebecca Wardlaw to Rep. Emily Kane.

But recently a mailer funded by House Speaker’s Ken Martinez Leadership Fund in support of Rep. Emily Kane, was sent out to Kane’s district.  Evidently Rep. Kane’s own party (who should be aware of their candidate’s activities!) hasn’t been following the trouble Kane’s been in for holding an elected position while serving as a city employee?  Or the warnings she has received against using city resources to bolster her campaign? Or…dare I suggest Speaker Martinez could be purposely breaking the rules that have been laid out?!

According to KRQE 13, Rep. Kane’s attorney was quick to deny that the Kane campaign had any knowledge of the picture being used in the mailer and claimed the campaign disapproved…

But [Kane’s attorneu] Cadigan couldn’t explain why a similar picture to the one used in the mailer was posted to Kane’s campaign page nor why another picture of Kane posing with Albuquerque Fire Department trucks was used at the top of the campaign’s Twitter page.

Both were pulled offline shortly after News 13 started asking about them. Kane herself declined an interview for this story Tuesday, saying she was too busy.

The city and Kane have been squabbling ever since Kane announced her candidacy for a state legislative district in the North Valley in 2012. The city attorney’s office has maintained that Kane is in violation of a city charter provision barring any city employee from holding an elected position.

A district judge ruled that the provision that would’ve barred Kane was unconstitutional. The city has appealed that decision to the New Mexico Supreme Court, which has agreed to hear the case. Oral arguments could come in the next few months.

The citizen complaint that first raised the issue also accused Kane of having legislative meetings on city time but didn’t provide specifics. Tuesday, Cadigan called that allegation baseless.

[Read more via KRQE]

Had enough?  Sick of the corruption?!  Check out Ms. Kane’s opponent in the state Representative race, Sarah Maestas Barnes for NM  House  District 15!  On Facebook here and on Twitter here.  You can also check out Sarah Maestas Barnes website here.

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