Maggie T. Oliver’s Resume: Consultant of State?

Who is Maggie T. Oliver the Secretary of State candidate?

A pleasant, beguiling smile greets you as you visit the Maggie T. Oliver campaign website.  On the “Meet Maggie” page a viewer reads about the Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie T. Oliver that Ms. Oliver wants you to know.

But what is really Maggie T. Oliver’s background?

This past weekend I decided to spend a little time researching Maggie T. Oliver (more– I’ve already researched and written a lot about her) with plans to share my findings with fellow New Mexicans.  It didn’t take long to find some very enlightening facts in the form of Maggie T. Oliver’s LinkedIn profile.

What did I find?  Maggie T. Oliver is an activist, with the education, background and career of an activist.

  • Ms. Oliver worked as a Volunteer Coordinator on the campaign of (now retired) Senator Bingaman (a partisan Democrat!)
  • Ms. Oliver worked as a Community Organizer, pushing constitutional amendments (partisan liberal cause, again!)
  • Ms. Oliver worked as a “Table Member” for League of Conservation Voters (liberal partisan, yet again!)
  • Ms. Oliver was regional, then statewide “campaign manager” for the League of Conservation Voters for three years (hard-Left, partisan group, AGAIN!)

Finally, Ms. Oliver managed to become county clerk.  As I’ve documented over the past several months, she continually uses her position as County Clerk of Bernalillo County to further her personal agendas and causes– same-sex marriage, the minimum wage hike, environmentalism, union causes, the list goes on and on!…

A look at the bottom of Ms. Oliver’s LinkedIn profile tells us where her heart is, and where she actually belongs– Maggie T. Oliver belongs as a campaign consultant, she does NOT fit in Santa Fe as a leader entrusted with the important job of overseeing New Mexico elections in a fair and balanced manner as Secretary of State!

Do we need somebody whose “causes” are “social action” and the “enviroment” as an election overseer? These listed causes that Ms. Oliver declares as her own, reek of partisan activism, not balance and integrity.

Ms. Oliver further lists her “skills” as including, “grassroots organizing”, “community development”  and “policy analysis”. These are the skills touted by an activist, not a election balanced guardian and overseer.

MaggieTO5(Source: Maggie T. Oliver’s LinkedIn page 10/06/2014)

Screenshots:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I will be voting to for Dianna Duran for Secretary of State.  We must continue to have competent leadership in the Secretary of State’s office.  The integrity we have seen out of the Secretary of State’s office these past four years has been refreshing and welcome after years of Secretaries of State who have been mixed up in all sorts of corrupt capers– Rebecca Vigil, whose cohorts were indicted by the Feds (after AG Gary King botched the state’s investigation) and Mary Herrera whose office was known for its incompetency.

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