Sec. of State Race Contrast: Dianna Duran vs. Maggie T. Oliver

The Dianna Duran campaign has released the following factual comparison between Secretary of State Dianna Duran and her opponent Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie T. Oliver– as I’ve followed this important race this election cycle, I’ve observed many inconsistencies in Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie T. Oliver’s walk and her talk.  We can count on  big money and big names to pull her in the direction she will follow, not the best interests of New Mexicans, the law, or her job duties!

Dianna Duran v. Maggie Toulouse Oliver

The Strikingand very Alarming—Contrasts 

Almost as soon as Dianna Duran was elected, the extreme far-left activists of the Democratic Party announced that Secretary of State Dianna Duran would be  their number one target—it did not matter what kind of job she did, or what kind of record she built.

The Party Bosses immediately began recruiting their DARK MONEY operatives to spend thousands of unaccountable dollars in favor of Democrat Party boss Sam Bregman’s hand-picked candidate, Maggie Toulouse Oliver.  

Oliver is a long-time political consultant and activist who used her standing with ACORN-like activists such as Progress Now New Mexico and other extremist community activist groups to get appointed as Bernalillo County Clerk.   

Maggie Oliver has a long-standing relationship with dark money organizations, and in fact worked for one as a campaign manager and consultant, running campaigns for a number of years.  

Even while serving as an elections supervisor—someone who should be viewed as a neutral arbiter on partisan issues—Maggie has doubled down on her political activism, openly campaigning for major public policy initiatives and causes.  

Maggie’s kind of left-wing activism and partisanship may be desirable for someone running for the legislature, or for governor, or for president, but that is not what voters want when they elect someone to count the votes.  

To count the votes, and fairly supervise the elections process, New Mexicans want someone who is fair, impartial, even-handed, and who follows the law.               

Having trouble viewing the comparison properly?  Or want to print and share!?  Click here for PDF released through the Dianna Duran for Secretary of State campaign.


Dianna Duran                                                Maggie Toulouse Oliver



            Elections  Supervisor                     Political ConsultantA Campaign
                                                                            Manager for Dark Money Organizations


Political Activism             

            NONE                                                      VERY DEEPLY INVOLVED—it’s her career

             Runs Campaigns

             Takes sides on political issues


Approach to Role  Impartial,

Even-handed                                            Biased, Takes Sides on Partisan

             Trusted—a strong                                  Her thumb would be on the scale

Reputation for Fairness


Established Record

            Competent, responsible                     “Found” 125 ballots 32 days AFTER the 2012 Election!

Strong supporter of                              The ONLY County Clerk who missed

            Military voters —always                         the overseas voter deadline in 2012

got ballots out on time                                 (and in both Primary & the General)


Voter ID

             Supports                                                    Opposes—Vigorously 


Same-day Voter Registration

           Opposes (because it allows                         Supports (totally unconcerned about the 

out-of-state, drive-thru voters                      stop & vote in our elections)

to potentially impact on our




Non-citizen Voting

           Opposes (and driver’s licenses                   Attacks Duran for her position (and

make fraud very easy) strongly                    strongly supports drivers licenses for illegals)

supports driver’s licenses for



Voter Fraud

           Works to eliminate it                             Says it doesn’t exist, or “rare”


Deceased voters

            Opposes voting by dead                      Accuses Duran of trying to “suppress”

(Worked to remove over 1,500)

the vote for advocating a clean file


On issue after issue, Dianna Duran stands with the people of New Mexico, working hard to ensure that our elections are free, open, transparent, and honest. 


Let’s not let an ideologue and political activist become the supervisor of elections in New Mexico.  Let’s keep Dianna Duran working for all the people—for voter integrity!


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