Governor Martinez makes front of National Review Magazine!

“New Mexico’s Rising Star, Governor Susana Martinez”, thus reads the cover of the National Review magazine, reminding us that our Governor is garnering attention nationally as an impressive leader!

NR Martinez
Photo credit: Darren White via Twitter

The Lefties and liberal Democrats are outraged, as usual, that Martinez has been making headway and creating an economically stable state, however the truth is that Governor Martinez has done some amazing things for New Mexico!

Just this week we were reminded of the great headway Gov. Martinez has been making when she was ranked 6th by the fiscally conservative (or is it libertarian?) CATO Institute due to her fiscal policies:

Governor Martinez scores above average on spending and has pushed major tax reforms. Her proposed general fund spending increases have averaged a modest 2.4 percent in recent years. She has pursued tax cuts to make New Mexico more economically competitive. In 2012 she signed a bill reducing gross receipts taxes on inputs to construction and manufacturing, and she has called for exempting 40,000 small businesses from the gross receipts tax. Her biggest tax policy success was pushing through a cut to the corporate income tax rate from 7.6 to 5.9 percent, phased in over five years.

Governor Martinez came in 6th under Gov. Patt McCrory of North Carolina (who was first), Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas, Gov. Paul LePage of Maine, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana and Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama.  Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation has more.

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