Rep. Sandra Jeff Responds to the Democrat Party’s Attacks

Tuesday Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director (DPNM) Jon Lipshutz filed an ethics complaint with the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office against independent-thinking Representative Sandra Jeff.  In the four page complaint the DPNM accused Rep. Jeff of “double-dipping” and called for an investigation; DPNM claims that Rep. Jeff has charged both her campaign and the state of New Mexico for certain expenses:

The Democratic Party of the State of New Mexico requests that you exercise your statutory duty to investigate ethics violations by Sandra D. Jeff, who is currently representing District 5, McKinley and San Juan Counties, in the New Mexico House of Representatives. It appears that Rep. Jeff has actively sought and received reimbursements from the State of New Mexico and reimbursed herself from her campaign account for the same expenses, commonly known as “double-dipping.”

The complaint might appear legit, if it weren’t for the constant harassing Rep. Jeff has faced this year.

Rep. Jeff has been the brunt of many an attack by her own party since the 2013 legislative session when she voted independently.  Since then, the liberals who run the Democrat party have attacked her time and time again…From Sam Bregman DPNM chair, to Bernalillo County and Democrat nominee for Sec. of State Clerk Maggie T. Oliver, who took great pains to force Rep. Sandra Jeff off the Democratic primary ballot.

Representative Sandra Jeff who represents Crownpoint and part of the Navaho Nation, has also been the target of “political bully” and alleged stalker Pat Davis, the executive director for the hard-Left ProgressNow New Mexico PAC.  Davis showed up outside the home of Rep. Jeff’s kids (who live with their father in Albuquerque) this summer.   Davis claimed he was staked out with the intention of “exposing” some kind of misconduct, but what kind of a guy goes to such lengths taking such harassment actions against somebody?  To observers, Davis’ actions seem more like intimidation tactics.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Sandra Jeff's profile
Photo Credit: Facebook, Sandra Jeff’s profile

Today Rep. Jeff responded via Facebook to the DPNM ethics complaint, very disappointed in her own party, which has completely turned to bullying, intimidation and harassment of a Representative who simply refused to follow the dictates of her party’s leadership!  As Rep. Jeff said, please keep these (I might add, extremely misguided!) people in your prayers:

This is a shameful act of desperation by party bosses who are stooping to new lows because their new puppet has failed to gain any traction or support. There is absolutely no truth to these lies. I have receipts and documentation to prove no double-dipping occurred. It’s pathetic that they are going on a wild goose chase trying to take me down even though I have a proven record of standing up for my people and district, even if it means breaking party lines. I am ashamed of my own democratic party’s attempts to disenfranchise Navajo voters.

The way I file my campaign report and expenses, I would incur the cost and would reimburse myself ONLY when I’m attending Chapter Meetings, other meetings dealing with my constitutes. I have not used my campaign expenditures to pay myself for my interim committee meetings, because we are paid the per diem. This no different than top Democrats such as my leadership including Speaker Ken Martinez, Patty Lundstrom, Eliseo Alcon and others who file their campaign reports such as mine. In fact, Speaker Martinez was the one who encouraged me to file my campaign reports in a same manner as he filed his expenditures. The way I see other legislatures I figured is a common practice. Fortunately, I have my ducts in line. If I may have done anything remotely illegally I also call upon both the Secretary of State and Attorney General to investigate Speaker Martinez, Lundstrom, Alcon and other top Democrats who also file their campaign expenditures as I did. What are they afraid of[?]

Via Rep. Sandra Jeff’s Facebook Profile

What is the Left afraid of?  The same as always– independent thinkers who stand up to them and challenge the status quo!  The Left is especially afraid of passionate people who won’t back down when bullied, harassed and attacked!

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