Does Lt. Gov candidate Debra Haaland condone the anarchist movement?

While Gary King’s gaffes and campaign missteps have hit the news frequently in various forms, including the resignation of three campaign managers (one due to sexist and offensive tweets), we haven’t heard nearly as much about his running mate Democrat nominee for Lt. Gov. Debra Haaland.  This week I noticed an interesting retweet of Ms. Haaland’s.  Ms. Haaland was actually retweeting an account calling itself “ABQ Anonymous” adding the hashtag “#SaveNM.”

Why is Debra Haaland retweeting an Anonymous account?  This particular account has been retweeting anti-law enforcement comments, uses the “Anon” name and features the black and white question mark avatar.  Though it is unlikely the account is officially associated with the loosely associated Anonymous (sometimes considered the far-out cyber version of the Occupy Wall Street movement), the retweet is enough to that we should question what is going on.  The Anonymous group is anti-government and has been part of hacking U.S. government computers according to the FBI.

Does Haaland approve of the anarchist movement?  She has not responded to my inquiry, but her bio says “Comments are my own” so we can assume she was agreeing with the ABQ Anonymous account and adding her own “Save NM” comment.

We don’t need anybody who condones anarchist groups and attempts to make them relevant running government in Santa Fe.  An anti-government supporter has no business being part of government in general, actually!

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