The Boyfriend: Powerful ad– we’re not stuck with Obama’s friends

In 2008 Millenials, my generation, flocked to the polls voting for Obama.  Today our entire nation feels the pain as the economy worsens; small businesses are closing and gas prices rise.  While we were college age then, we’re now older now.  My peers who fell for the “Hope and Change” aren’t deceived so easily now and as we embark on our careers we feel the pain of an economic recession and the real-life effects of Obama’s economy.

Obama is always there, but only to spy on us (NSA scandal) and hand out free birth control as if we can’t use well-paying jobs, or are too stupid to make it on our own! (Dare I say, almost as if keeping us in bondage?)

We’re not stuck with Obama’s friends.  We should be electing people to the U.S. Senate and Congress who will represent US, not their own special interests (Hint for New Mexicans: We need to replace Senator Tom Udall the most liberal Democrat in the Senate, with  Allen Weh!!).

This is the kind of ad we should be seeing more of:

Connect with Allen Weh on social media (he has a very nice Facebook and Twitter presence!) and donate to his campaign here.  Get involved, volunteer on the Allen Weh for U.S. Senate campaign.

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6 thoughts on “The Boyfriend: Powerful ad– we’re not stuck with Obama’s friends

  1. People need to get over the idea that something as vast and complex as the US economy is under the control of the single individual who occupies the White House.


    1. Thank you for your input, but the truth is that Obama is at the helm and had full reign of the presidency, House and Senate for two years in his first term. You’re telling me pushing through Obamacare didn’t effect the economy? Seriously…


      1. He didn’t do it singlehandedly. It took a lot of work by all the Democrats in DC, and then they just barely managed to pass a badly crippled, watered down version of the bill. Frankly, I think what ultimately passed was such a train wreck that the whole plan should have been abandoned. In its original form, it had a chance of being viable. What ultimately passed was the result of insanely partisan politics from both sides of the aisle. It took two parties, using every trick in the book, to produce the garbage that is Obamacare.


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