Hilarious: Krazy Kathy Korte claims she’s afraid of me?

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

In addition to facing a formal complaint against her blog filed with the Secretary of State’s Office [by state Representative Monica Youngblood], Kathy Korte, [APS School board member and] founder of Stand4KidsNM, said she is under a social media attack from right-wing supporters of the governor, including Rebekah Stevens, whose recently called her “Krazy Kathy Korte” on her Twitter site, Politix Fireball.

In an email, Korte said, “As a public official representing teachers, parents and citizens, and as a mother of four children impacted by public school policies, I have a right to speak my mind and I have a right to do it on FB [Facebook] and Twitter. I don’t deserve to be intimidated and harassed and my good character attacked by all these political hit women and hit men.”

The Santa Fe New Mexican – September 17, 2014

Aside from being an honor to be labled by “Krazy Kathy Korte” as one opposing her as a “supporter of the governor”, this is just hilarious!  First this is my independent blog, I do support Governor Martinez, but even so, can’t I call out a school board teacher who sometimes makes ridiculous comments?  If Korte could demonstrate an ability to share her message without jumping to conclusions, calling parents she supposedly represents “whiny”, little kids she’s never met “jerks” and a state Representative a “traitor”, she might get somewhere.  But sadly…it seems she can’t…

Is Korte really saying she’s afraid of me?  An independent social media enthusiast and blogger?!  Seriously…

I might as well remind readers that Krazy Kathy Korte, called me an “anonymous witch” before I referenced her as “Krazy Kathy Korte” (a name invented long ago, I’m informed, which some seem to believe she has earned!).  Korte has since deleted the tweet, though I took a screenshot of it before the scrubbing:

Korte- anonymous witch

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