Do Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rocky Lara support violence against women?!

So last week DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released a statement commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act.

“Unfortunately, far too many women continue to be subjected to violence and rape…While we continue to fight to make sure that all women are able to live free from the fear of violence, we must also ensure that survivors of crimes are able to access the services they need to recover and rebuild and that they are empowered to speak out when such violence occurs.

“The Democratic Party is committed to supporting policies that protect and promote the well-being of women and their families and today, we honor and acknowledge this twentieth anniversary of VAWA with them in mind.”

Sounds good.  Right?  We all want women to be protected, even if we might disagree with what laws need to be passed in order to lessen violence toward women.  But what shocked me about this is the hypocrisy of Ms. Wasserman Schultz’ statement.  Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Wasserman Schultz came to New Mexico to support several female Democrat candidates, one of whom is an attorney who defends men accused of spousal abuse?!  That candidate would be Roxanne “Rocky” Lara who is challenging incumbent congressman Steve Pearce.

From the Washington Examiner:

In four cases from 2001 to 2012 reviewed by Secrets, [Roxanne Lara] defended a man who allegedly sexually abused his estranged wife, another who allegedly beat his wife and forced her on drugs she was allergic to, another who smashed up his estranged wife’s home, according to a police report, and a fourth accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend.

The cases had a similar abusive theme summed up in a quote from one of those allegedly targeted by Lara’s client: “He wouldn’t give me a divorce, he doesn’t plan to re-marry, he just make my life a living hell,” she said in the court papers.

I’m not making it up!  Do Democrats actually think that women (and the electorate in general) are so stupid that they will not see through the deceit and will somehow vote for a woman like Lara who doesn’t care about women and defends men who [supposedly] abuse women?!

Living in New Mexico?  Please stop by Congressman Steve Pearce’s campaign website and support him here.  You can also help by sharing this blogpost and spreading the word about the terrible candidate Roxanne Lara.

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4 thoughts on “Do Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rocky Lara support violence against women?!

  1. There is now ZERO doubt in anyone’s mind that you are absolutely clueless abut the principles on which this nation was founded.
    Lara’s client could be Adolph Hitler and he would still be deserving of an effective defense. That is the way our system works. The Constitution for these United States applies all of the time, for everyone, even for people we don’t like, as a matter of fact ESPECIALLY for people we don’t like.
    Your narrow minded view is what I have found to be typical here, where a significant portion of the content is nothing but rabble rousing garbage.
    Please improve your Constitutional education.


    1. Doesn’t defending abusers of women show us just what kind of a person that Lara is and what her character is, Mr. Damewood?

      While I will not choose to, you may defend women abusers and Hitler if you wish, but that’s not the kind of characters we need representing us in Washington, is it?!

      Perhaps you should go back and bully the people in your own radical little “Tea Party” Facebook group where you limit the First Amendment and ridicule conservatives who stand for principles and sanity day in and day out!

      Is protecting women and having a standard regarding justice “narrow-minded”, pray tell?


  2. Our legal system requires that defendants have access to an attorney. Are you really suggesting that anyone who defends an accused criminal (or more specifically, someone accused of domestic violence) is condoning criminal conduct?


    1. I am supporting openness. The media reported months ago that she was not giving us her background– and when she does, we don’t get the full picture!

      It shows us there is a double standard when Debbie Wasserman Schultz comes to town to support Lara and “women” when Lara is a woman who *defends* men who are accused of abusing women! Does she care about women? Or is she just using us to get elected?!

      Why isn’t Rocky Lara being honest about defending men who have been accused of spousal abuse?! Are you defending her using women as a shield in this campaign?


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