New hard-hitting campaign ad from Gov Martinez’ campaign

Thursday Governor Susana Martinez’ campaign released an ad going after Aspiring Governor (and Attorney General) Gary King, confronting him for releasing Governor Martinez’ stolen emails:

More on the stolen emails– blogpost from summer 2013

At the end of May [2013], Jamie Estrada, was indicted on charges of unlawfully intercepting wire communications and lying to the FBI during the course of the investigation.  Estrada was a campaign manager for Martinez until she let him go at the end of 2009.  In late 2010 Estrada used the username and password he had available from Gov. Martinez’ website domain and directed emails sent to the Martinez’ domain to an email of his own, purchasing the domain at this time.

The emails Estrada intercepted were eventually leaked and found their way to various Democrats and leftist groups including Jason Loera political consultant for current Democrat Party of New Mexico Chair Sam Bregman, AG Gary King (the abbreviation should mean ‘Aspiring Governor’ rather than Attorney General in this case), Independent Source PAC run by Michael Corwin and the Santa Fe Reporter (alternative left-leaning media with writers including hacks Joey Peters and Justin Horwath).

The Santa Fe Reporter had been trying for some time to get emails from the governor’s office through FOIA when some of the emails (from this private domain) were dumped in their lap.  Although some of the emails they received contained information which may have been technically subject to FOIA, many emails such as iTunes orders, underwear orders and personal bank information which were obviously not something which should be released to the media or the public.

Jason Loera (accused of child porn posession) one of the first to receive the emails leaked at least one email to trial lawyer Sam Bregman (and Democrat Party of New Mexico Chair) who used the email during a case involving a state employee who was fired by the governor’s administration.

***Addition to blogpost 9/13/14*** Jamie Estrada had been charged with 14 counts amounting to stealing emails, disseminating emails and lying to the FBI.  On June 16, 2014 Jamie Estrada pleaded guilty to two out of the fourteen counts.  on June 26, 2014 former Martinez staffers and others filed a civil suit against Jamie Estrada, Jason Loera (who has been charged with child porn possession after discovery found during emailgate investigation), Anissa Galassini-Ford (whose home was also searched by the FBI), DPNM Chair Sam Bregman, and Bill Richardson’s opposition researcher Michael Corwin.

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