School board member in official capacity: “We are going to oust [Gov Martinez]”

Sure, we all know that Kathy Korte has her precious group Stand4KidsNM and she’s campaigning for Gary King for Governor. Her Facebook page is plastered with anti-Martinez trash and advertisements created by the group in support of Gary King for governor:

Photo Credit: Stand4KidsNM Facebook page
Photo Credit: Stand4KidsNM Facebook page
Photo Credit: Stand4KidsNM Facebook page
Photo Credit: Stand4KidsNM Facebook page

But Korte also uses her position as school board member at Albuquerque Public Schools to rail on the governor.  In a board meeting on May 21st, 2014 (Watch last 25 minutes of archive video) Steven Quezada begins by making very partisan statements about the Democratic party not supporting a democratic candidate with money for the governors race.  Don Duran makes remarks appropriate for a school board member.

Finally, Kathy Korte makes her comments that are completely partisan and refers to her Stand4KidsNM group comments on Facebook and emails she receives.  This completely blows her argument that it’s just a few parents working a small group.  Not only are they engaged in political activity but she is using her position on the school board during a public meeting and our tax dollars to express her political (not simply policy views) and has expressed very partisan opinions during the course of her duties as a school board member. Just before Kathy Korte gave up the mic she said, “We are going to oust this woman,” angrily referring to Governor Martinez.

The final comment involves the board discussing drafting a letter to get the governor to call a special session (per Democratic senator Tim Keller’s direction).  Superintendent Brooks pointed out that if there is a special meeting there can’t be any fundraising during the special session!

Why has Kathy Korte used her position as a pulpit for her political agenda?  Why is this seeming “coordination” going on?

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