Maggie T. Oliver shows us why she shouldn’t be Sec. of State

Monday, Bernalillo County Clerk and Secretary of State candidate Maggie T. Oliver released the following statement excerpts below– here we have it from “The Dark Money Queen” herself, defending a special interest group that has been trying to fly under the radar:

“Regardless of one’s position on what reforms may be necessary in our schools, the truth of the matter is that these parents are completely within their constitutional right to band together on social media or any other platform and speak up on behalf of their children without fear of persecution or political attack.”

Yeah…this coming from the Dark Money Queen who has been endorsed and supported by the Daily Kos, Democracy for America, and Protect NM, a radical “conservation” organization, to name a few of the hard-Left groups she gets help from.

Clerk Maggie has actively “lobbied” for the redefinition of marriage and was a speaker at Soros-funded NetRoots Nation (Daily Kos) conference earlier this year:

When she’s not speaking at a radical hard-Left conference, partisan Maggie T. Oliver, may be using her position to push for the redefinition of marriage:

Or implying that those who earn less must choose between voting and working:

So when Maggie T. Oliver gets around to bashing her campaign opponent, it’s really ridiculous…after all, she’s the one who has the ties to all the special interest groups and pays them homage–

Maggie T. Oliver, the Dark Money Queen, comes from a background that included managing campaigns for extreme-Left special interest groups, and as a candidate for Secretary of State she has doubled down on that activism.  This spring I reported how she openly bought favors from fake media and Soros-tied blogger Matt Reichenbach.  When a member of the “media,” Heath Haussamen, of New Mexico in Depth, requested funding, Oliver proudly donated to them.  New Mexico in Depth is also funded by the Kellog Foundation which receives Soros money!

Maggie T. Oliver, who uses her position as county clerk to further her hard-Left agenda and push special interests.  This spring Maggie T. Oliver was paying it forward— purchasing favorable commentary for herself on the open market.

But back to Ms. Oliver’s ridiculous press release:

“It is incredibly disappointing that when confronted with the complaint against Stand4KidsNM, Secretary of State Dianna Duran chose once again to put politics and what’s best for the Republican Party, ahead of what’s best for New Mexico’s people.”

Fair and balanced?  Did Ms. Oliver even investigate what the Stand4KidsNM group has been doing?!  Since when is she an expert?  She’s not Sec. of State yet, and isn’t part of the court system (though she pretends to be an expert):

“There is no law that would support the registration of Stand4KidsNM as a political committee and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has specifically protected this type of political speech.  As Secretary, I would have immediately dismissed this complaint due to complete lack of merit – without regard for politics or party.”

This is why we don’t need Oliver as Secretary of State.  Unlike our current Secretary of State, Oliver chooses to jump to conclusions and user her position to further her own political ends and her own career.

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