Update on Peepin’ Pat Davis, paid ProgressNow stalker

When the Left has nothing to defend or stand for, they stoop to personal attacks.  Last week Peepin’ Pat Davis wrote an attack piece on Rep. Sandra Jeff.  He proudly told us how he has been stalking her family.  Now Davis, has written a second piece shamelessly attacking the representative who has a history of voting independently even though she’s a Democrat (a terrible crime, it seems!).
Too bad Davis can’t straighten out his own life by not getting drunk and impersonating military members and get his facts straight before bullying and stalking people.  But then what do we expect from a guy that lives a double standard himself?
What business does a union funded stalker have driving an import, rather than fine, or at least union approved, union made US vehicle?  Why hasn’t Davis’ friends called him out for driving that BMW of his?!
Just like his DWI saga, the tale of Pat Davis continues the traditional liberal “do as I say”, not as I do hypocrisy…
It makes one wonder how many Republicans could get away with continuing to lead the state’s lead bullying political organization if they had a DWI…As the chair of ABQ Crime Stoppers Davis got caught drunk driving.  Then witnesses say Davis impersonated a soldier, claiming an officer would straighten everything out if they just let Davis go and return to base!…
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