APS’ school board’s Krazy Kathy Korte gripes about being held accountable

Krazy Kathy Korte, the Albuquerque Public School school board member, is at it again, criticizing her opposition who seek to hold her accountable.

Republicans (including Rep. Monica Youngblood) have stood up to Kathy Korte and the Stand4KidsNM group because Krazy Korte seems to be running a group as a PAC without officially filing with the Secretary of State’s office.  I actually wondered what the status of her group was some weeks back when I noticed her pro-King trash on the group’s website.  If I were running a group supposedly focused on kids and education, I think I would focus on kids and education!  After all, if the Stand4KidsNM group is all about students, why is Kathy Korte’s team endorsing somebody in the gubernatorial race?  It’s really not something an education-oriented group or organization should be focusing on (unless it’s a political organization using education as a front!).  Recently the Stand4KidsNM group seems primarily dedicated to unseating the current governor, rather than helping kids and focusing on their education.

But back to Krazy Kathy…

Krazy Kathy is currently whining and fussing about being targeted for “telling the truth”, but what facts does she really have?  She can’t seem to keep from posting outrageous comments like calling Rep. Paul Pacheco a “traitor” or calling me a “witch”.  Or there’s her real-life comments about an elementary student she had never met and parents of students at Albuquerque Public Schools.  Here’s her rant from Monday (hit “See more” to read the entire insane rant posted on Facebook):

I thought it was particularly hilarious that after Krazy Kathy has gone off on rants attacking Republicans  This woman is suddenly whining about being confronted on Twitter?!  I’m not a hacker, by the way…and neither are any of the other Republicans I interact with on Twitter who have called out Kathy Korte.

[Sec. Designate Skandera or Gov. Martinez? — Krazy Kathy is unclear] Calls on Twitter GOP hackers to call me names on Twitter, perpetuating false myths and ugly characterizations of me as a person. I can’t even repeat the names here.

Ugly characterization of Kathy Korte on Twitter?  How could somebody say such a thing?!…unless it is that the truth is unpleasant and Krazy Kathy Korte responded to it in her characteristically ugly way:




Hey, Krazy Kathy, if you don’t like being called names, maybe you shouldn’t be the one calling names?!  Maybe you should just try (even just a little) to act sane?  Does Krazy Kathy really believe that people will take her seriously the way she behaves whether it’s calling a state Representative a “traitor”, referring to an elementary student she hasn’t met as a “jerk” or referring to parents who don’t approve of her actions as “whiny”!?

Please take responsibility Ms. Korte, and stop twisting truth and seeking to circumvent the law!  Be a good example to those kids you supposedly “stand” for and take responsibility for your little political action group!

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