Candidate for state Rep. Catherine Begaye’s campaign lies about her record?

The candidate with a troubling record

The Democrats have been extremely sensitive about Catherine Begaye, candidate for state Representative, and her criminal record since late July when I first commented on the subject:

The Democratic Party of New Mexico responded to my lone tweet the next day, furious that I had brought up Catherine Begaye’s troubled past– this is extremely interesting because they had blocked me over a  year before they suddenly tweeted me unexpectedly!

The Catherine Begaye campaign was so distraught and shaken by my comment they went on the defense creating a ridiculous parody of Representative Paul Pacheco (whom Begaye is running against) that tweeted trash like this:

Confused candidate Begaye?

Now the Pacheco parody has been silent for some time, though Catherine Begaye continues to tweet confusing low-quality comments like this:

Try wrapping your brain around this one:

  1. Begaye says none of the voters she just met believe what her opposition has said, but
  2. Begaye says the voters have already met her

Anybody else confused?


Should we just call it the “wimpy law-breaker for law-maker campaign”?

Yesterday Catherine Begaye’s campaign manager Bharat Krishnan (poor guy…stuck with candidate Begaye!), decided to criticize me for my interest and frequent tweets regarding Rep. Paul Pacheco’s opponent with the criminal record:

’cause research is really hard– sometimes I honestly feel a bit sorry for these Democrats who don’t want to do their homework:

Deceivin’ voters on a technicality isn’t really that funny.

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