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Governor Martinez is moving New Mexico forward and trying to stop Gary King from returning our state to the days of Bill Richardson. In response, King is rallying support from union bosses, liberal special interest groups and Washington, D.C., insiders.King is facing a governor – OUR GOVERNOR – who has cut taxes 24 times, eliminated the largest structural deficit in state history without raising taxes and has fought to reform education across New Mexico – with graduation rates improving faster than any other state in the nation!It is clear that King and his allies will do and say anything to win and divert attention from his many flaws.A laundry list of flaws at that – for example:
·         Gary King supports giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. King said he supports the state’s driver’s license law for the same reasons the Richardson administration pushed for it in 2003.
·         Gary King voted for the largest tax increase in New Mexico’s history – hurting families by increasing taxes on food, medicine and gas.
·         Gary King has been sued by multiple women in his office for paying them less than their male co-workers. Even worse, he belittled the women, saying they were of “average capabilities.”
New Mexicans won’t be fooled by Gary King’s attempts to sugarcoat the same failed policies of Bill Richardson.

This win is not for Republicans or Democrats – it’s for the future of all New Mexicans.

Governor Martinez and Lt. Governor John Sanchez are counting on every single New Mexican to win this November. Whether you sign up to volunteer, claim your FREE yard sign to display at your home or business, or make a contribution to the campaign, every bit of effort will send an important message on November 4th when voters go to the polls.

A Note From Our Chairman

Thankfully we have had a Republican Governor and Lt. Governor the past four years to help balance a Democrat controlled legislature. Ms. Martinez and Mr. Sanchez have hit the campaign trail hard and are adamantly working with New Mexicans across the state. People have seen the good results that can come from having the right leadership on the 4th floor of the Round House in Santa Fe. Voters are eager to support positive changes in our state and are willing to vote to keep not only the top of the ticket, like Governor Martinez and Lt. Governor Sanchez, but also a Republican-led House. Imagine the work that can be done!A recent opinion piece in the Albuquerque Journal demonstrates the facts. Take a look at the numbers voters! Have a read.Maybe GOP could put NM on ‘good’ listsJAMES MONTELEONE’S piece on GOP efforts to gain a majority in the state House fails to tell the full story of decades-long Democratic Party dominance of the Legislature.

He indicates that the last time the GOP had “outright control” of the House was 1953. This “outright control” consisted of a one-member advantage that year…  Monteleone also fails to note that the Democrats had a 22-9 edge in the Senate that same year and that the Democratic dominance of the state Legislature has actually extended back to the 1931, the 10th session.

Except for that brief moment in 1953 that Monteleone notes, Democratic Party dominance of the New Mexico state Legislature had continued for more than 80 years, often holding almost obscene pluralities as during the period 1937 through 1938, when they held 47 of the 49 seats in the House and a 23-1 majority in the Senate for that and subsequent sessions. If Democratic Party Chairman Bregman is right that the Democrats win because they are on the right side of — unspecified — issues, maybe New Mexico should have long ago stopped showing up at the top of all the “bad” lists and on the bottom of so many “good” lists.


Mr. TóRREZ is absolutely right! Why are we on the top of the bad lists and the bottom of the good? I can tell you why! Democrat legislative control for decades!  We need the right leadership in Santa Fe. We have it on the fourth floor – now, let’s give Governor Martinez and Lt. Governor Sanchez a chance to really move New Mexico forward with the help of a Republican led House. Get out there and advocate for our candidates. We will see the positive change we so desperately have been waiting for.

Thank You,
John Billingsley
Get involved – Meet the candidates!

U.S. Senate
Allen Weh

U.S. Congress – District 1
Michael Frese

U.S. Congress – District 2
Steve Pearce

U.S. Congress – District 3
Jefferson Byrd

Susana Martinez

Lt. Governor
John Sanchez

Secretary of State
Dianna Duran

Attorney General
Susan Riedel

State Treasurer
Rick Lopez

State Auditor
Robert Aragon

Commissioner of Public Lands
Aubrey Dunn

Court of Appeals Judge
Miles Hanisee

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