Mayor Berry vetoes marijuana vote for ABQ…Ain’t that just too bad?

As predicted…Pat Davis and ProgressNow NM who were pushing the marijuana ballot initiative in Albuquerque are outraged at the veto of their precious little marijuana decriminalization project by Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry.  Marijuana “decriminalization” will not be on the Albuquerque ballot in November!!!  Ain’t that just too bad?!

You can read Pat Davis and Progress Now’s hissy fit comments here.  And watch the video of  Mayor Berry vetoing the proposal here:

Maybe before people like Pat Davis begin to turn to legalizing controlled substances incrementally they should get their own life straightened out…  You see…Pat Davis has problems of his own– a former candidate for Bernalillo Sheriff who ran on the “tough on DWI” platform and was the chair of Albuquerque Crime Stoppers.  It didn’t go unnoticed when Davis got a DWI last summer.  He resigned as chair of Albuquerque Crime Stoppers and promised to “take responsibility” which essentially meant saying he was sorry he got caught.  A month ago, free lance journalist Jim Spiri wrote about the drunk driving incident and Davis’ lack of responsibility for his actions:

Driving drunk is one thing. Getting drunk and then hurting people in a wreck and trying to avoid responsibility are very bad things. But, for me, the most insidious and shameful thing that Davis did was claim to be a soldier in the United States military. For all of real heroes serving our country in the military such as my son and the sons and daughters of so many honest people, the last Progress Now Pat Davis lie should be the end. Mr. Davis should not be welcome in New Mexico. Drunk driving remains a serious problem in NM, but as a father to one son in the United States Army and father to a son who died as a United States Marine, it is this last lie that is intolerable.

Davis’ dishonesty knows no bounds. Taking responsibility? Another in a string of lies. Pat Davis taking responsibility for his drunken crash? Ask the victims, don’t ask Progress Now or Pat Davis. It hasn’t happened. Looking back on this whole education about following what happens to a person charged with DWI, I have learned a few things. One, if one follows a politically connected person that gets in trouble, the person doing the following may end up followed.  This was my experience. The Pat Davis Progress Now philosophy is the famous Saul Alinsky attack dog tactics.  Rather than address the many questions about his dishonesty and the procedural tricks and connections, Davis practiced the politics of personal destruction. Davis and his associates took pictures of my grandchildren’s playground in my backyard and printed a story about my “underground bunker”.

As if reckless drunk driving weren’t enough there is Davis’ bullying Representative and stalking her kids:

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A strange political battle is playing out in a typically quiet Northeast Heights neighborhood.

The father of Rep. Sandra Jeff’s, D-Crownpoint, children and those kids live there, but for the last few weeks Jeff says they’ve noticed some unusual activity. Jeff says there’s been a car camped out on the street out front.

“They’ve been taking pictures and they’ve been lurking outside the house,” Jeff tells News 13 in a phone interview. “My kids have no role in this political ball game.”

So Tuesday morning, the father snapped some photos of his own of a BMW parked outside and sent them to Jeff.

The man inside was Pat Davis, executive director of left-leaning advocacy group ProgressNow New Mexico.

Hmmm…maybe before pushing for legalization of pot, Mr. Davis should get his own life straightened out and stop hurting other people?!


6 thoughts on “Mayor Berry vetoes marijuana vote for ABQ…Ain’t that just too bad?

      1. Supporting criminals with Prohibition is good policy. It has worked every time it has been tried. Its most recent previous major success was Alcohol Prohibition. Repeating that success will garner the support of the American people. It is a policy winner.


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