County Clerk Maggie T. Oliver has new-found interest in “integrity”

Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie T. Oliver and Democrat candidate for Sec. of State has new-found interest in  the “integrity” of the SOS office.  This is in complete contrast with her silence when two previous, completely unqualified partisan Democrats were in charge:

Three associates of former New Mexico Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil have been convicted on charges related to $2.5 million in stolen voter education funds that were assigned to the state by the federal government.

But Vigil remains a free woman, unindicted in the federal case. State charges against Vigil were dismissed last November by a district judge who ruled her case originally prosecuted by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office had dragged on too long and violated Vigil’s constitutional right to a speedy trial.

For some, Vigil appears to be the big fish that got away, but she told New Mexico Watchdog in an interview Tuesday she’s done nothing wrong and the convictions of her former associates is a “travesty of justice.”

No public comment, let alone complaint about using millions for self promotion, fraudulent and illegal use of money and complete incompetence. But we are supposed to believe Maggie “really cares” about integrity and an honest vote count?  Seriously…it’s clear we can’t trust her…

Let’s stick with Dianna Duran, whom we can count on to actually do her job!

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