Pat Davis of ProgressNow Stalking Rep. Sandra Jeff?

How far is too far?

When he’s not cyber-stalking elected Republicans, conservative operatives and activists Pat Davis executive director of ProgressNow NM might be found sneaking around the neighborhoods and stalking his political opponents in real life– take what he’s been doing to Rep. Sandra Jeff the independent-thinking (and voting) Democrat representative from Crownpoint, New Mexico.

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A strange political battle is playing out in a typically quiet Northeast Heights neighborhood.

The father of Rep. Sandra Jeff’s, D-Crownpoint, children and those kids live there, but for the last few weeks Jeff says they’ve noticed some unusual activity. Jeff says there’s been a car camped out on the street out front.

“They’ve been taking pictures and they’ve been lurking outside the house,” Jeff tells News 13 in a phone interview. “My kids have no role in this political ball game.”

So Tuesday morning, the father snapped some photos of his own of a BMW parked outside and sent them to Jeff.

The man inside was Pat Davis, executive director of left-leaning advocacy group ProgressNow New Mexico.

“We just want to check her story,” Davis said. “And that’s all that happened this morning.”

The “story” Davis and his group are looking into is Jeff’s claim she lives in Crownpoint in her district, about a two hour drive away from Albuquerque.

As for the group’s latest investigation, Davis says he’s doing nothing improper, illegal or even sneaky.

“We were on a public street in the middle of the morning in a very busy neighborhood everybody can see us,” Davis said. “No politician is immune from somebody checking up on their story to be sure what they say is true.”

“I do live in Crownpoint that’s where my residency is at,” Jeff said. “I would offer them to come up to my home in Crownpoint.”

Jeff says Davis’ tactics are dirty and are scaring her kids.

“I had told my children’s father to file a restraining order,” Jeff said. “It’s ugly and we’re really just concerned about the safety of our children.”

Pat Davis is increasingly showing how desperate he is by continually making war on kids.  The least Davis could do (if he were truly investigating as he claims) would be to choose a candidate that actually bears investigating– like Javier Martinez or Roybal Cabellaro who reportedly have address “problems”…

How can this man live with himself?  He needs to get a life and a job that doesn’t involved using money funneled through the unions from Soros to bully innocent people!

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