ProgressNow NM: The sky is falling…and climate is out of control

Most of us outgrew fairy tales and scary stories of monsters years ago…

But if you’re a hard-Left union-funded liberal like Pat Davis who is running a special interest “professional bullying” organization funded by the unions (and behind that Soros!), anything is possible.  If you ask the experts running the city of Santa Fe the there is still magical rainbows and unicorns, monsters are real and it’s quite possible that the sky really is falling.

Despite what you may hear on Fox News, the debate is over—climate change is real and it affects all of us.

97% of scientists agree that climate disruption is man-made, and it’s happening all over the world. We have a serious problem, but we can do something about it.

When it comes to growing green, Santa Fe has always led the way.  That’s why Mayor Javier Gonzales has launched the city’s new Climate Change Task Force and he’s asked us to send YOU an invitation to help shape Santa Fe’s new policies on energy, transportation, water and more.

Again…can you see it?  Can you feel it?  It’s coming!  The sky is falling!

According to the Leftist robots leaders we need to “save the earth”, not because it’s important to be responsible stewards of creation and we can implement a little of everything to best enjoy the earth…but…because it’s easier to control people who are, well…robots…

I guess that’s what you get when the purpose is controlling the lives of everyone instead of helping people?

*     *     *

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