Desperation: Pat Davis of ProgressNow Turns to a War on Kids!

What’s up with Pat Davis and Progress Now NM?  The hard-Left organization and it’s executive director Pat Davis have started a war on kids with a conservative background who are interested in involvement in politics!

I hated politics as a child and teenager (until I hit 18).  I saw the constant fighting, how elected officials had absolutely no time to spend with their families and the reoccurring instances where it took away one’s “personal life” in a way that nothing else that I have observed can.

Today I like to encourage young people to get involved in politics even when they’re reluctant for one reason or another.  Most I encounter, even those closest to me, have little interest in politics.  One girl I know (who made over 2,000 calls for Governor Martinez in 2010 as a 12-year-old), told me she now has little interest in politics because she’s seen the bullying of other young conservatives and wants no part of it!  There are too few conservative youth involved today and, sadly, I think too many of them have justifiable reasons for deciding not to pay attention to elections or become involved in politics.

The pure bullies are lurking.  Pat Davis who posted the following email on his website yesterday is one example.  Davis reposted email correspondence between members of a Las Cruces home school group:

Davis wrote:

The homeschool co-op group (homeschool parents often form co-operatives to connect local homeschool children and share instruction) recently sent an email to members asking them to bring their children out to go door-to-door during normal school hours to help McCamley’s opponent fight back.

Home school group email:


Can you please send this out to theHomeschool Group?

Neal Hooks (former homeschool dad)​ is running for State Representative in District 33 against Bill McCamley, who is the incumbent. Your Homeschool Co-Op meets in District 33.
On Bill McCamley‘s door hanger it says “One of the proudest things Bill has done was work with Dona Ana County Clerk Lynn Elinns in marrying same sex couples.  No one should be discriminated against based on who they love, and Bill will always back laws that protect people’s rights to live in happiness without fear of being treated differently for who they are.”  I copied word for word ~ any “run-ons”  is his fault:)
I would like to ask the Homeschool group for young people, who can walk in Neal’s District and hang Neal’s door hangers.  We will start this Friday, August 1st at 9:00 AM at my house (920 Raleigh Rd). Our walk will be very safe & organized, 4 – 6 young people per adult in a car.  My plan is to go to certain areas, park car, kids split into two groups, one on each side of the street hanging the door hangers. Then back to the car and drive to the next street.
My house will be the “hub” where we will all meet, have refreshments, & go out again.  We will finish between 11-11:30.
I am sure this could be counted as community service and Government extracurricular activities.
So far I have one other adult to help me, I hope I can count on more.
If anyone is interested in helping, please call and let me know by Thursday AM, so I can have a head count.
Thank you so much, I sure can use the help; it is critical to defeat Bill McCamley  this year.

Reprinting this email is bullying and an attempt to intimidate members of a home education network because Davis sides with the hard-Left candidate for House of Representatives Dist. 33.  So, Davis wants to discourage kids from getting hands-on learning experience in the political and government area because he disagrees with the parents worldview and hates the Republican candidate for House Dist. 33?!

By all means, discredit and bully the smartest kids out there who are by-passing the drugs in our schools, avoiding the angry teachers who spend their time trolling and bullying people on Twitter…these are kids who are learning something useful that they will use later on in life!

All I can say is…when the Left, including Pat Davis of ProgressNow NM, begin bullying youth who are actually learning something to prepare them to be productful members of society, he’s done about the lowest thing possible (with the possible exception of betraying his own grandmother!).

Finally…Does Rep. Bill McCamley approve of this targeting of school kids, regardless of what school they’re attending?  Is this how he intends to win the election, by bullying youth?!

Yes, Rep. Bill McCamley approves…he tweeted the article yesterday evening:

*     *     *

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