Pat Davis and Progress Now NM suffer major Marijuana Setback

Oops…Pat Davis made a slight miscalculation on the number of signatures he needed to turn in to succeed in getting marijuana legalization on the ballot.

Securing a spot on the ballot for a proposal to reduce marijuana penalties just got tougher.

City Attorney David Tourek said Tuesday that the city made a mistake in calculating the number of petition signatures required to trigger an election on the measure.

Supporters need 14,218 signatures, not 11,203, he said.

That’s based on the number of people who voted in the last regular city election. The petition must receive signatures equal to at least 20 percent of the roughly 70,000 people who voted in last year’s mayoral election, Tourek said.

The city clerk’s office made a mistake in calculating the number, and the Legal Department approved it, Tourek said. Assistant City Attorney Greg Wheeler said it was his mistake.

via Albuquerque Journal, July 29, 2014

Of course if you ask Pat Davis, he’ll say it was all the City of Albuquerque’s fault that his “get out the vote” scheme failed!

In a statement yesterday, Pat Davis said, “City hall should be above shenanigans like this. Petitioning our government is among the most basic rights of citizens and they have an obligation to get it right and play fair from beginning to end,” Davis continued, “We’ll continue to move forward to resolve this issue while the clerk diligently works to qualify the measure.”

Poor Davis– he is hoping that he can bully the city of Albuquerque into seeing things his way.  Davis is always up to some kind of “shenanigans.”  Now he is suddenly prattling about “rights” and uses the phrase “play fair”.  Those of us who have opposed Davis know that he doesn’t fight fairly and tramples the rights of others frequently.

So long, Mr. Pat “Shenanigans” Davis– truth wins this round!


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