Can’t stop name-calling: Kathy Korte calls me “witch”, deletes tweets

Yesterday, when I tweeted about a handful of comments Albuquerque Public Schools board member Kathy Korte had made at parents and students (calling the people she supposedly represents “whiny” and “jerks”) she became irate and called me an “anonymous witch”.  There are many articles documenting Korte’s offensive comments toward the people she claims to represent!

Korte- anonymous witch

Kathy just can’t keep from calling names, can she?  Korte also deleted a couple other tweets attacking me:


Interestingly enough, I had never made ONE COMMENT, about Gov. Martinez or her administration in my tweets regarding Kathy Korte.  My comments are separate from any discussion Martinez, Skandera or the decisions of the NM Public Education Department (though Korte and her defenders have repeatedly sought to bring in these others).  My comments are about Korte’s treatment of parents, students and legislators she disagrees with and her inappropriate name-calling.

So what is Korte so upset about?

I had dared to comment about her history of rude statements toward parents and students:

In 2012 KOAT7 reported, that Korte referred to parents who didn’t agree with her as “whiny.”  And an elementary student who accused a teacher of choking him as “a little jerk… and the accusation was false.”  Yet the boy’s mother insisted, “That was a very ignorant thing for her to say.  [Ms. Korte’s] never met my son, has no idea who he is, wouldn’t know him from a face on the street.”

The most recent crazy thing Korte has said, was earlier this month when she angrily referred to a New Mexico legislator as a “traitor”, because she disagreed with his vote on education funding.  The woman’s harsh comment was criticized by fellow board member Marty Esquivel, “Calling a legislator a traitor is as disrespectful as can be,” he said, while Don Duran, another board member said, “Any time that we use words that degrade people, that doesn’t help” and said the name calling was in poor taste.

Read my previous blogpost regarding Kathy Korte here.

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