ABQ Public School board member can’t handle facts, calls names instead

Kathy Korte seems to have some problems dealing with facts– when everything is fuzzy, she is fine, but when confronted, she becomes extremely angry.  For instance, lets look at the comments of Brandon Aragon an Albuquerque resident and UNM student last week:

Korte could not respond factually, so instead she responded to Brandon by sending over her friends who trolled him the next couple days.

If Kathy Korte truly does represent the “People” as she claims, why does she call parents who disagree with her “whiny”?  Isn’t she supposed to be representing those very parents that she deemed “whiny”?  Can’t she work the problems out with them?

KOAT7 reported in 2012, that Korte referred to parents who didn’t agree with her as “whiny.”  And an elementary student who accused a teacher of choking him as “a little jerk… and the accusation was false.”  Yet the boy’s mother insisted, “That was a very ignorant thing for her to say.  [Ms. Korte’s] never met my son, has no idea who he is, wouldn’t know him from a face on the street.”

In April, the Albuquerque Jounal reported that Korte had been warned about the conflict between her APS board membership and her role as a lead organizer of Stand4KidsNM (a group that opposes education reform and appears to align itself with the teachers unions), “You cannot continue to use your [APS] board position to advance the [Stand4KidsNM’s] goals,” APS Board president Analee Maestas said.

The most recent crazy thing Korte has said, was earlier this month when she angrily referred to a New Mexico legislator as a “traitor”, because she disagreed with his vote on education funding.  The woman’s harsh comment was criticized by fellow board member Marty Esquivel, “Calling a legislator a traitor is as disrespectful as can be,” he said, while Don Duran, another board member said, “Any time that we use words that degrade people, that doesn’t help” and said the name calling was in poor taste.

Korte responded to my tweets by calling me an “anonymous witch”, while refusing to deal with the subject I had brought up.  Is this how Ms. Korte talks to everyone?!  Then when she was losing the discussion, Korte sent her trolls to insult me and blame the NM Public Education Department, for changing the “facts” that Korte has stated.  Really!



Bottom line?  Korte’s an angry activist who claims to represent Albuquerque families as an APS school board member, but she is only furthering her own anti-Republican agenda.  Korte has no business being on the APS board if you look at the way she operates!

New Mexico resident Michelle, seems to have hit the nail on the head with her final comment:

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