Celebrating three years on Twitter!

Three years ago a couple Republican friends who had encouraged my interest in politics and been there to encourage my local activism convinced me to join Twitter.  They had explained the amazing opportunities it had given them in their political endeavors and benefits for the county party they were part of– according to them, it was a powerful tool!  After some urging, I opened an account

Over 50,000 followers later, I have been very blessed by the many friendships and opportunities that have arisen through social media activism.

As always…if you haven’t joined Twitter, please give it a shot and tweet regularly (send me an email and I will help if I can!).  YOU can have a voice and an impact in politics through this platform!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my updates (blog widget on the upper-right of my blog).  “Like” my  Facebook page and follow me on Twitter here!  Your support is appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating three years on Twitter!

  1. Congratulations on three very ‘interesting’ and eventful years! I’ve certainly enjoyed our Twitteractions,. Keep up the good work!

    So here’s a hat tip to PolitixFireball, impacting the Twitterverse 140 at a time 🙂

    Very best to you,


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