Shreddin’ Sam Bregman and NM Dems concerned about Catherine Begaye’s criminal record

Tuesday afternoon I mentioned Catherine Begaye, Representative Paul Pacheco’s Democrat opponent, and her criminal record.

It was very surprising when the Democratic Party of New Mexico Twitter account (which has had me blocked on Twitter for over a year) responded to my tweet:

Excuses, excuses… Maybe the New Mexico Democrats should focus on getting someone to handle their Twitter account who can actually convey a thought without looking completely ridiculous (hey, at least learn to spell and use proper grammar!)– they had the same problem last summer (read more here).

Did I really hit a sore spot, or what?  The Democrats are mighty sensitive on this subject, aren’t they?

What a classic comment– if you don’t do what the Democrat Party bosses (including Shreddin’ Sam Bregman) say, you are a sell-out.  Never mind representing your constituents and the principles you ran on!

If the Democrats are already touchy and defensive about anyone mentioning Catherine Begaye’s criminal record, how will they react when things really heat up toward the end of the summer?!

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