Hillary Visiting Albuquerque! #NoHillaryABQ

Saturday, Albuquerque, New Mexico welcomes Hillary Clinton!

Technically, there will be no charge to get on the Hillary Express. However, let’s show Hil that New Mexicans are a charitable bunch.

As you know, Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are dead broke. So we ask that you bring a can of soup or some other donation to stock the Hillary Express.  Anyone showing up with a can of food will receive 2,347 copies of Hillary’s latest book “Wrong Choices”.

Feel like telling Hillary what you think of her visit?  Tweet to her at @HillaryClinton & @TheHillaryBus.  Also use the hashtag #NoHillaryABQ.  Tell Hillary we are more than “ready” for her!


2 thoughts on “Hillary Visiting Albuquerque! #NoHillaryABQ

  1. Dang, I should have checked my mail yesterday. In any case, I am blasting this out!! Thanks.

    Victor S. Contreras Jr. *Republican for a Reason!* *Freedom, Family, Free Enterprise, and Faith*

    ~~~REMEMBER~~~ If you forward this email, PLEASE REMOVE all email addresses before you send it on, and use the BCC option when forwarding to your friends. “BE KIND TO OUR EMAIL FRIENDS”


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