Senate Committee Report: Tom Udall opposes the 1st Amendment

On the outside SJ Resolution 19, an amendment to “fix” campaign finance and offer reform, appears to be something appealing that would ensure justice for all.  But it is actually a dangerous repeal of the First Amendment cosponsored by New Mexico Senator Tom Udall.


Tom Udall is a hard-Left Democrat senator who has been ranked the “most liberal” senator in Washington.  The radical Tom Udall is up for reelection this year.  The message New Mexicans should be seeing is that Udall is not somebody we should send back to Washington!  Udall is trying to vote away our free speech rights as guaranteed under the 1st Amendment and he is doing so under the guise of “campaign finance reform.”

We all benefit from the First Amendment, which guarantees our free speech rights.  If you oppose Tom Udall’s efforts to take away the first amendment, you need to be vocal about it and help stop Udall– Support Allen Weh for Senate– drop by his website here and connect with him on Facebook.  You can also follow Allen Weh on Twitter!

Committee Attendees Report on Twitter!

Today Senator Tom Udall proudly tweeted his support for which had a committee hearing today:

What happened in committee?  Here’s what the witnesses had to say:

Republican Senator Ted Cruz speaks in committee:

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