Liberal journalist: Congressional candidate Rocky Lara doesn’t have “one word about position on issues”

In a column last week liberal journalist Walt Rubel, editorial editor for the Las Cruces Sun-News, noted Roxanne “Rocky” Lara’s failure to list any of her positions on her very simple website.

Rocky Lara is a Democrat opposing incumbent Republican Congressman Steve Pearce in New Mexico’s 2nd congressional district.

After visiting Rocky Lara’s website in preparation for an NPR interview, Rubel shared his observations, “What I didn’t find was one word about her position on the issues, or why voters should pick her over a five-time incumbent.”  Really?  Is Walt Rubel really saying that Lara isn’t saying a thing about her position on the issues?!

If one is familiar with Walt Rubel it is obvious he is a liberal and his editorials reflect Leftist bias. You can read his biased pieces in the Las Cruces Sun-News here.

Rubel was rightly frustrated and pointed out an obvious truth– Roxanne “Rocky” Lara has nothing on her website about what she believes or where her position is on the issues.

Congressman Steve Pearce’s voting record can be found online and you can also search his campaign website and find his positions.  But Rocky’s website lacks anything about her beyond a bio and she has never been elected to congress so her voting record is nonexistent (see website below):

Does Rocky Lara stand for anything?

Where does Lara actually stand on “the issues?”  Does Lara care so little about the people of New Mexico that she will not post her positions on important issues online?

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