Milan Simonich: Full-time biased blogger, part-time fake reporter

It is well known that Milan Simonich is extremely biased, and is not considered an actual “reporter,” in the political sphere but merely a partisan blogger who has managed to get a job with some newspapers.  The Democrats consider him an ally, the Republicans I have worked with consider him a plague.  Republicans (elected and otherwise) in Las Cruces have warned me about Simonich and couldn’t be happier that he is no longer working for the Las Cruces Sun– he used to haunt them, but now he’s moved on to greener pastures and works for the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Simonich loves to attack Republicans– some of his favorites include Congressman Steve Pearce, Governor Susana Martinez, Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez and Secretary of State Dianna Duran.  Of course he’ll go after Republican Senators and state Representatives as well…they’re just not as high on his “to do” attack list.

For example Simonich will write slanted “news stories” in a newspaper the very same day, or week, he is attacking Sec. of State Dianna Duran in his political blog.  That is a “reporter”?  Seriously?  While pretending to be a reporter during his day job, Simonich takes to his blog at night, and he loves to call Duran names.  Some of his gems include calling Duran “bumbling,” “half-baked,” “reckless,” “hyperbolic,” “shoot-from-the-hip” and “conspiracy theorist.” 

Does that sound like a professional reporter?  Or a half-baked, partisan-hack blogger?

Here’s what Milan wrote about Dianna Duran (does it sound like a “reporter”?):

“Duran thinks everyone has a memory so short as to forget about her bumbling performance during the last year, in which she involved state police in her half-baked investigation of voter fraud… Duran’s own words, uttered so recklessly in front of so many, got her in trouble and kept her there. It happened this way:

In March, Republican Duran testified for a bill that would require photo identification to vote. …
It was then that Duran shot from the hip, offering the first in her series of claims about criminality in elections…
Duran can run from her comments and often does. But she cannot hide from her record, try as she might.

Does that sound like a professional reporter?

Most recently, Simonich worked directly with the extremely partisan Doña Ana County Clerk, and legend in his own mind, Lynn Ellins, to concoct a story attacking the Sec. of State Duran.  Ellins had sent out a message (working on behalf of his buddy and Sec. of State candidate, Maggie T. Oliver) to all the county clerks around the state trying to gin up a “complaint” about the Secretary of State’s office.  He only got the hapless Moises Morales of error-plagued Rio Arriba County to participate.  Then Morales later took it all back.
No other real newspaper wrote anything about this, as the Santa Fe New Mexican is being dragged down by Simonich to being in the gutter with the print blog called the Santa Fe Reporter.

Does that sound like a professional reporter? 

This week on Twitter one leftist dragged out a screenshot of an old tweet from Rod Adair who works for the Secretary of State’s office.  There is no mention of Milan Simonich, but apparently the PoliticsNM Twitter account (an account that is constantly ridiculing Republicans and attacking conservatives) thinks the comment about “Slobodan Milosevic” must refer to Simonich.  Pretty interesting conclusion.

I’ve written about Simonich in the past after I ran into an interesting article telling the story of Simonich’s past work supporting a friend of his running for office in El Paso.  After I wrote the piece Simonich quit working for El Paso/Las Cruces and moved up to Santa Fe where he continues his “job” attacking Duran, Martinez, and other Republicans within his reach.
Even fellow reporters have taken Simonich to task for picking on people he opposes, and for specifically trying to imply that John Sanchez had made a false statement, when even fellow reporters can see he did not.Certainly as a partisan political blogger Simonich is praised in some circles (by far-Left Democrats). His reputation as a “reporter”, however, is that he is a joke.

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