Gary King’s campaign manager resigns over derogatory tweets toward women

UPDATE: Gary King’s campaign manager has resigned:

Statement from the campaign:

“I was saddened and shocked to learn of past comments made by my recently-hired campaign manager, Steve Verzwyvelt.  I had  absolutely no knowledge of them until they were brought to my attention today.  While they were his personal views, Mr. Verzwyvelt’s comments were, nonethless not up to the standards of what I expect from my employees and in direct conflict with my own beliefs  of tolerance, respect and decency.  He has resigned his position immediately.”

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Out-of-hand tweets

Today Free Beacon reported on the extremely offensive tweets toward women sent by Aspiring Governor Gary King’s newly hired campaign manager Steve Verzwyvelt.

Verzwyvelt, a native of Louisiana, is a political consultant who has worked on Democratic campaigns across the country for more than a decade. He also owns his own public relations and political consulting firm, Southern Strategic Relations.

The King campaign recently attacked Martinez for “insulting” women after a recent story in Mother Jones reported on secret audio recordings of Martinez and staff, during which Martinez called an opponent “the b-word.”

However, King’s own new hire to head his campaign has a long history of publishing offensive comments on Twitter, including calling Republican politicians “douchebags,” making derogatory statements towards obese women, and thinly veiled sexual remarks.

“Valentines tip: candy is dandy but liquor is quicker #happyvalentinesday” Verzwyvelt tweeted on Feb. 12, 2012 from the handle @polisav.

“Just got eye banged by a big girl,” began another tweet that January. “That’s my signal that’s it’s time to go.”

Free Beacon, 6/17/2014

When Free Beacon reached out to Verzwyvelt he said the problem was that his account had been hacked in February of 2012.  Somehow that doesn’t seem to be an adequate explanation, or the whole truth because Mr. Verzwyvelt’s tweets have a pattern that has continued long before the supposed hacking and continues until this year…

Disparaging comment toward women for Earth Day 2012
Disparaging comment toward women for Earth Day 2012

Uneducated GOP?  Or uncouth Democrats?

Aside from ridiculing women repeatedly for years I’ve also found some other things that Free Beacon evidently missed:

And...another tweet from Jan 21, 2014.
And…another tweet from Jan 21, 2014.

Where is Mr. Pat Davis?

Yeah…well, Mr. Verzwyvelt, maybe you get educated a bit before you leave New Mexico and learn what NOT to say referencing the fairer sex (yes, I can say it.  I can say it and I’m not sexist!!!).

Maybe men can refer to women disparagingly in Louisiana and Democrats accept it, but you’re not in the Southeast anymore, sir!

Notice the date? January 2013, long after the supposed "hacking" that Verzwyvelt mentioned.
Notice the date? January 2013, long after the supposed “hacking” that Verzwyvelt mentioned.

Don’t tell me Verzwyvelt can’t stand MADD…maybe Steve Verzwyvelt would fit in well in New Mexico after all…maybe Steve Verzwyvelt could team up with Pat Davis and they could be drinking buddies?  Maybe they can get together and drink mouthwash flavored alcoholic drinks (mouthwash appears to be a flavor of Pat Davis’ invention) before explaining to traffic cops that their slurred speech is actually the sheriff deputy’s inability to understand their southern accents?

Speaking of Pat Davis…is my dear ol’ pal gonna demand that Steve Verzwyvelt resign?  Oh, that’s right…he only makes demands when he catches, traps or misconstrues a story to the detriment of some Republican.  Right?

What does the hire of Steve Verzwyvelt tell us about Gary King?

And what does this tell us about Gary King?  Well…we already know Aspiring Governor Gary King has little respect for women;

Anyone can see how he released Governor Martinez’ stolen private emails which included her underwear order allowing the public to have files that should have been redacted even if they had been obtained legally.  And if that were not enough, he attacks Gov. Martinez regarding women’s wage, but upon closer investigation we see that Martinez has sought to be fair to women while King has been sued by three women hired by his office who complained that he “had virtually no interest” in trying to pay them the same as their male counterparts!

Just another strike against Gary King proving he is a proud member of the team waging the #WarOnWomen.

The Gary King for Governor campaign has not responded to my request for a comment.

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