NM Congressional Delegation and VA Scandal: Bipartisan call for Shinseki to resign

Pearce calls for Shinseki to resign

Yesterday Republican Congressman Steve Pearce (NM – CD 02), called for the resignation of Secretary Eric Shinseki, “Gross negligence at the Phoenix system is not an isolated problem,” Pearce said, “The men and women who risked everything in the protection of our nation must be treated with respect, and be given the care we have guaranteed them.”

Pearce thanked Sec. Shinseki for his years of military service, but said, “At the end of the day, [Shinseki], no one else, is responsible for the actions that took place within his department. If he refuses to resign, President Obama should remove him immediately and replace him with someone who will bring an end to the failures at the VA.”

Bipartisan call for Shinseki to resign

Democrat Senators Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall also released comments urging Sec. Eric Shinseki to resign:

“It’s clear to me that Secretary Shinseki must step down to make way for new leadership that can restore accountability and transparency,” Sen. Tom Udall said.  Martin Heinrich issued a similar statement saying, “I call on President Obama to appoint a new Secretary who will provide the leadership and management that our nation’s veterans need and deserve.”

The VA scandal is more than “just politics.”  Forty people suffered and died from what appears to be more than negligence…this is corruption…  And it is not just about our veterans, it is about their families and the American people.

What does the VA scandal mean for the rest of us?

One would think that our veterans would have priority and be handled with care because of their service and sacrifice…  While some are calling for vouchers or even suggesting that privatizing veterans healthcare would be the answer…it leaves the rest of us to wonder where Obamacare will lead.

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