Take a look at the five crazed Dems running against Gov. Martinez

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There are currently five candidates in the Democrat gubernatorial primary– these five contenders want to get their party’s nomination so they can go up against Governor Martinez in the general election (they must be hoping for a miracle!).

Let’s take a look at each of the candidates:

Alan Webber – Defender of Evil

Alan Webber is a hard-Left liberal businessman from Santa Fe. He has been in New Mexico for over a decade. Alan Webber recently hit the news when he was endorsed by the Weathermen domestic terrorist Mark Rudd who claims to have been responsible for the Weathermen’s strategy. Webber has continued to defend his relationship with Rudd.

Aside from this, we can look back to the 1970s and see Webber’s connection with Neil Goldschmidt the former mayor of Portland and Oregon governor, who was sexually involved with Elizabeth Lynn Dunham for years, beginning when the girl was thirteen-year-old. Webber defended the child rapist saying that Goldschmidt’s actions were due to his fast rise to the top. Dunham, reportedly said, “Webber probably knew what was going on.” [Read more from Jim Spiri here”The Rich White Guy and the Dead Girl in Oregon]

Gary King – Corrupt Attorney General above the law

Gary King, New Mexico Attorney General, is the chief law-enforcer for the state and while most of us believe his job is to enforce the law, Gary King seems to believe he should be helping his Democrat cronies whenever possible.  Current Democratic Party of New Mexico chair Shreeddin’ Sam Bregman, once called King the “worst attorney general” ever, but he later praised the AG when King dropped charges on one of his clients (couldn’t possibly be corruption– just use of “connections”). On the other hand, after angry Republicans and hard-Left Democrats stole Governor Martinez’ emails, Gary King helped disseminate them—the FBI even warned King that releasing the emails may have violated federal law.

Last fall, King also showed us his respect for the law (or lack thereof) by commenting on Facebook and sharing how he has refused to enforce the state’s law which made marriage between one man and one woman. While rogue county clerks chose to disregard the law and print “marriage” licenses that took away the statute-mandated “husband” and “wife” applicant spaces, AG King condoned the rogue county clerks’ actions.  Gary King could not keep his personal opinion from influencing his duty to uphold the law.

Lawrence Rael — The Politician with the “Enhanced” Resume

Lawrence Rael should be defeated for the good of the state so that he can go back to creating more jobs.  His outlandish claims and exaggerations regarding his resume would embarrass any honest candidate, but recall Mr. Rael has been a politician, not a job creator, for all of his adult life.  What would we expect from him in the unlikely event that he were elected governor?

Too bad Rael hasn’t found a real job and made it to a point in his life where he can relate to the rest of us!

Howie Morales — the “Golden Boy,” Saint Howie

Howie Morales is a former teacher from the town of Bayard, New Mexico (a failing school-district) who has little to brag about except marrying into an affluent family.  Morales is another in the long line of failed candidates from the Senate, in love with their own voice and ISP– Important Senatorial Position.  Spending time in Santa Fe and particularly the State Senate has convinced many smarter people that everyone loves them and needs them. A very modest, essentially non-existent legislative record from one of the modern lightweights in the Senate, did not stop the teacher unions from convincing Howie he was “the one.”  His candidacy proves only what we already know:

  1. Howie and many of the Democrats in the Senate suffer from no “self-esteem” problems;
  2. Active Democrats and the Democratic Party of New Mexico are completely in the clutches of the unions and out of touch with New Mexicans outside of the union hall.

What does Howie stand for?  Just Howie, plain and simple.

Linda Lopez — The Senate Bully

And last and least, Linda Lopez is in fact last in the polls for good reason. No, not only because the Democrat bosses pay only lip service to women and don’t support women for important offices in New Mexico, but basically because Linda is a bully.  Convinced by the partisan Democratic leadership in the Legislature that mistreating Republicans and abusing her position as Chairwoman of Senate Rules would catapult her to higher office, Lopez now finds out she was used.   The less than 6% showing in the polls is probably a very accurate measurement of the voters in the Democratic primary with no manners and no ability to understand what most of us learned very early at home, no one likes a bully.

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