Republicans: Don’t forget to vote in the primary!

The primary is here and this will be the last week of early voting (yay– we’ve made it!!).

Have you voted?  If not research, decide and go vote if you’re registered Republican (or Democrat– “independents” and those who have “declined to state” cannot vote)!  Look up your registration here.  Still have questions?  Call your county clerk’s office.

Where to vote– find the polling place nearest you here.

Do your research before voting

I encourage all voters to do more than make a random guess at the polls:

RESEARCH the candidates in contested primaries and dig through past voting records (if he has held office before), see who endorses him, does she fabricate endorsements?

LISTEN to more than the candidate says.  Have you had the opportunity to meet him?  Is she willing to learn from the audience during Q & A?  Does he sidestep questions?  Does she criticize questions as “below his office”?

INVESTIGATE: Does his walk match his talk?  Does she surround herself with dubious characters?

Once you’ve decided– get out and vote!!  Bring a couple of friends along and text or call your family members to make sure they have voted!  Your vote will count!


I’m not publicly endorsing in the Republican primary, but in the next couple days I’ll have a piece out on the five Democrats seeking their party’s nomination in an attempt to vote Gov. Martinez out.  I do that both U.S. Senate candidates will agree to support the nominee…not only because it is a unifying action, but because it is the honorable action to take.

Send me a Twitter DM or email me if you want to discuss Republicans running in the primary.  😉

Your comments and criticism are welcomed and encouraged. Please keep it "G-rated."

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