ProgressNow NM and Pat Davis: Lots of time to protest, but no time for patriotism?

We hear almost every day, some new lie and spin from Progress Now and its executive director Pat Davis about conservatives and conservative principles.  Their support for “Occupy Santa Fe and Unoccupy Albuquerque”, aggressive 2nd Amendment restrictions, Udall’s threat against the 1st Amendment (Udall called for conservative 501(c)s to be investigated, harassed by the IRS) and scores of other unceasing attacks on the values, principles and the people that have made our country great– is often painful.  These attacks are particularly painful to the men and women protecting our country and our freedoms so that Pat Davis and his gang have the freedom to express their vicious personal attacks and expressions of disgust, often directed at the very people keeping them free.

What message did Progress Now New Mexico send out today honoring those who have served and sacrificed so that the progressives can enjoy the freedom to attack anyone they don’t like!?

Can’t Davis and Progress Now New Mexico set aside their extreme partisan political agenda and  take a minute one day a year and salute the men and women who have made sacrifices for our country? Maybe next year, if they ask permission in advance from the out-of-state secret far left donors?  Why do they show such disrespect, and even hate, for the greatest Americans and our real nation’s real heroes?



One thought on “ProgressNow NM and Pat Davis: Lots of time to protest, but no time for patriotism?

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