Democrat State Rep makes racist remarks, apologizes after caught

Anti-Anglo comments

Racist remarks are [supposedly] only made by Republicans, at least this is what the Democrats would have us believe, but this week Democrat state Representative Miguel Garcia from Albuquerque has been caught making racist comments against his fellow-Democrats in an email:

A minority of unsuspecting Democratic leaders are supporting the Democratic Anglo newcomer opponents in Andrew’s and Frank’s primary races. Anglo Democrats with egos as big as Texas, mouths as big as the Grand Canyon, and much “green” [moolah] from the East and the West Coast.

Apparently, according to Rep. Miguel Garcia, Anglo Republicans are really a problem.  Fellow-Democrats were not pleased according to KRQE’s report– Frank Otero a candidate for Representative whom Garcia supported was bothered by the racist remarks.

Speaker Ken Martinez said he would speak to Rep. Garcia about his comments, but said “I just don’t like race to raise its head as one of the issues you should vote one way or the other.”  Really, is that what Martinez would say if it were a Republican making the racist comment?!

Garcia back-pedals

“I did not send the email to the media,” Garcia wrote in a text message.

Later he sent an apology email:

In the email I used inappropriate language to define your character.  Regardless of what I think your reason are for running for State Rep — I want to ask for your forgiveness regarding the negative manner in which I questioned your character or campaign pursuits.

It is not in me to speak negatively of fellow Democrats, or anyone for that fact, that I am not personally acquainted with or familiar with.  In my legislative career I pride myself on always taking the “moral high ground” on issues of bigotry, discrimination, inequality, prejudice, intolerance, hatred — I faltered in reaching that in my email.

Moving Forward

Yes, Rep. Garcia faltered.  Bringing up race often means one is focused on ethnicity and not the persons qualifications and background.  It is a losing argument.  But beyond this the most disgusting thing is that Rep. Garcia gets away with a racist email.  KRQE reported, but where is the rest of the media?  The Leftist media gives Rep. Miguel Garcia a complete pass.  Where is the Santa Fe Reporter?  Where is Ho Joe Monahan?  Where is the couch-sleeping “media” on this one?  Justin Horwath, Joey Peters and Matt Reichbach are MIA.  We hear nada, zip, zilch.  Why?  Because the Hispanic Democrat with the racist comment is part of their team– they’re just as silent on the issue as Patrick Davis, the Progress Now NM executive director whose favorite response to a Republican mistake is “RESIGN”.  Davis is MIA too!

Demonstrating what “Tolerance” means

The Rep. Miguel Garcia incident serves to show us what the Left considers to be “tolerance.”  Tolerance means laying down and allowing the Democrats to say what they wish and cut each other down while we stand by and listen, watch.  But if a Republican were to make a racist comment we would not hear the end of it for years!

State Representative Miguel P. Garcia (Albuquerque -District 14)

Home Phone [from]
(505) 877-8131



KRQE: State rep attacks “Anglo Democrats” in email

KRQE: State rep apologizes for “Anglo” attack


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