Deception: Blogger Joe Monahan creates faked ads to appear balanced

Democrat Blogger Monahan

It is no secret that blogger Ho Joe Monahan uses his blog to spin for the hard-Left Democrats who give him his marching orders.  It is easy to see that Joe Monahan is actually an operative for the liberal Democrats.

Joe Monahan attends the Democratic Party of New Mexico fundraising dinner last fall.
Joe Monahan attends the Democratic Party of New Mexico fundraising dinner in the summer of 2013.

Monahan is Desperate

This past week Democrat operative Joe Monahan stooped to a new low.  In what may have been an attempt to appear balanced, Joe Monahan decided to create fake ads for his website using Republican candidates names without their permission.  Joe Monahan’s Republican friend Bob Cornelius brought the ads to my attention and after researching I learned the ads were completely FAKE!  Below is a screenshot with the ads from last week:

Joe Monahan Fake Ads

Republicans Respond

Joe Monahan’s Republican victims included Rep. Nate Gentry, Sarah Maestas Barnes (candidate for state Representative) and District 1 Congressional candidate Richard Priem.  Rep. Gentry and Sarah Maestas Barnes were not pleased that an advertisement was placed on Monahan’s blog without their consent.

The Richard Priem congressional campaign responded to my inquiries, saying they did not advertise on Joe Monahan’s blog and would investigate into whether the ad was on the blog,  “We will take the appropriate action once who determine who did this,” campaign manager Peter Shams-Avari said on behalf of the campaign.

Silence from Monahan?

Will Monahan discuss the content of the emails sent to him regarding these free “ads” which were posted on his blog?

What will Joe Monahan try next in an attempt to make himself relevant?  Is Monahan, the desperate hard-Left operative, missing a few marbles?

3 thoughts on “Deception: Blogger Joe Monahan creates faked ads to appear balanced

  1. I believe that whatever ‘deception’ you think you uncovered annoys you. Would you mind if I asked you how old you are, that is, are you over the age of eight or ten? It seems to me, upon first reading, that your complaints will elicit little reaction from anyone any older…many of us have seen and heard far more deceiving remarks and behavior from people you might regard as fine, upright public representatives and appointed officials.

    As to your complete misuse of the noble word ‘liberal’, you as a political reporter(?) must know that the strongest conservative wing of the republican party is a direct and proud descendant of the great, proud, long liberal tradition, dating to before the liberal nobles forced their demands for liberty upon the evil King John…but then, Mr. Limbaugh and his employers the Koch family are themselves men of somewhat limited educations.

    Perhaps along with your youth you have not studied nor understood much.
    Please carry on with attempting to understand the forces shaping current events. It is true, many of us will laugh at your attempts, but eventually, if you persist, clarity will ensue, and in spite of the inevitable embarrassment you will feel at your mistakes, as in today’s awkward complaints, you may begin to arrive at truth.

    Such moments of sudden awareness, akin to Saul of Tarsus’ realization of his true relations to God, may come to you at any moment, and perhaps as you stand before the Great Bar of Judgement, you may indeed be asked if you were adamant in your demands to keep the government small and weak.

    Of course, since none of us actually knows the Holy Procedures, the questions might be more along the lines of what Jesus reportedly asked His followers.
    Looking forward to your adult-oriented, necessary course corrections, I am: Leslie Piper.


    1. Soon after we moved to NM a decade ago, I asked several appointed political figures for recommendations for reliable political
      insight and commentary. When I asked
      about the Journal and (whatever was the name of its not yet defunct twin), there was either laughter or evasion. Instead everyone referred me to the Monahan blog.
      Whoever is sponsoring/financing this PF blog is not getting their money’s worth, given the number of responses (two!—and both unfavorable). Yet the writer claim his blog has 54,926 supporters. Are bloviated claims now endemic in Alt-Right GOP circles?
      Political Fireball is fizzling as it fails to gain traction. Is shame the reason that the writer doesn’t sign ors date his/her messages (I can’t truly define them as editorials). Hire a more persuasive blogger if you expect resonance.


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