Unethical: Democrat Sec. of State candidate ready to buy special interest media support

This past week, Secretary of State candidate Maggie Toulouse Oliver, made it very clear that she is willing to pay for favorable press—to anyone who asks for money.  This added yet another unfavorable chapter to her history of extremely troubling unethical practices. Considering that the work of a Secretary of State and a county clerk should be carried out in a completely non-partisan manner, what business does a Secretary of State hopeful have constantly cultivating shadow relationships with far-Left special interest groups—especially media outlets?

Maggie T. Oliver, the Dark Money Queen, comes from a background that included managing campaigns for Extreme-Left special interest groups, and as a candidate for Secretary of State she has doubled down on that activism.  She’s now openly buying favors.  When a member of the “media,” Heath Haussamen, of New Mexico in Depth, requests funding, Oliver proudly donates to them.  New Mexico in Depth is also funded by the Kellogg Foundation which receives Soros money!  Maggie T. Oliver, who uses her position as county clerk to further her hard-Left agenda and push special interests, is paying it forward.  Maggie T. Oliver sees that by giving NM in Depth some funding, she is helping the far-Left cause—and she’s also purchasing favorable commentary for herself on the open market.

But not only is Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver donating to the  fake “media” that is
a Soros-owned special interest, but her campaign manager Alan Packman is advertising and requesting for donations for hard-Left bloggers as well!   It’s a circular relationship that benefits Maggie and keeps her buddies in the media in business. 

Who is the NM Telegram?  The little blog is run by a Leftist, Matthew Reichbach, who has for years been a member of the hard-Left Daily Kos blog site—which boasts of being “the largest progressive community site in the United States.”  Reichbach is a blogger who brags about sleeping on the couch of Joey Peters and Justin Horwath while writing for the far-Left Santa Fe Reporter as a free-lance journalist.  In this case the couch-sleeper Matt Reichbach needed a new laptop and was begging his Leftist readers to send him money!  “Bought”?  You couldn’t say it better if you spelled the word out in all capital letters.

Obviously the hard-Left writer couldn’t survive without the support of the liberal Democrats who pay his bills for him.  In return for these favors, Reichbach will doubtless write attack
pieces on Republicans and write favorable pieces about Maggie T. Oliver as well as Alan Packman’s other business clients.

These Leftists are fooling nobody.  By favoring hard-Left operatives in the “media” and blogs funded by Soros, Maggie T. Oliver and her campaign are paying forward.  A donation to New Mexico in Depth and the NM Telegram is a donation to Maggie T. Oliver’s campaign.  This is one way the Dark Money Queen (Maggie T. Oliver) can circumvent campaign finance laws while giving her campaign a boost.

The last few years have been refreshing with a competent Secretary of State at the helm.  Dianna Duran has done her job without meddling in special interest projects or pandering to
“media” by offering unethical donations.  New Mexicans do not need to return to the days of unethical people in the Secretary of State’s office.


Dianna Duran has restored integrity to the Office of Secretary of State.  Why would anyone want to go back to where we were just four short years ago?    But that’s where Maggie T. Oliver wants to take us.

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