Does Patrick Davis of Progress Now approve of the kidnapping of 200 school girls in Africa?

This week Patrick Davis of Progress Now New Mexico released an attack piece on someone who pointed out that there are pedophiles among radical Islamists.

What do you call a misogynistic man who believes Islam is the religion of pedophilia?   A Republican candidate for State House in New Mexico, of course.

Meet the Republican Party’s candidate for state representative in District 26 (that’s in Albuquerque):  Louis Tafoya.

Tafoya caught our attention this week when he reposted a story from the “Stop Islamization of the World” blog,, for short.  In case you hadn’t guessed, is basically a compilation of conspiracy-minded reports about the religion, along with a convenient “burn a Quran” option and PayPal link to keep it all going.

Tafoya found this exposè on Islam so informative he wanted to share it with us all by Facebook… [Read more]

It is a fact that there is a big story in the news right now about Nigeria Africa over 200 school girls were kidnapped by radical Islamists.

Is Pat Davis, Alex Curtas and the Progress Now New Mexico crew truly defending or making light people who are kidnapping girls in Africa?

For context readers may recall that Progress Now New Mexico has a history of siding with those who hurt kids– look at how they ignore Jason Loera who was arrested and charged after child pornography was found in his possession during an FBI search of his home.  Progress Now and Patrick Davis also ignore the connection between child porn fan Jason Loera and Democratic Party of New Mexico chair “Shreddin’ Sam” Bregman.  Loera was in fact a consultant for Sam Bregman’s PAC.

Liberal “progressives” like Patrick Davis and those at Progress Now New Mexico will stop at nothing to support their fellow-liberals.  By their silence, they give approval to those who hurt kids.  What’s more, they attack Republicans and conservatives who defend the children.

Isn’t this pathetic?

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