Classy language from Lawrence Rael Supporter– but don’t worry, he’s Democrat

Last night after an Albuquerque city council meeting Don Brown, Democratic operative who has worked for the Democratic Party of New Mexico as well as former Democratic U.S. Senator Bingamen’s campaign worker and Senate office staffer, tweeted the following:

Some stilin’ language, right?  I mean, Governor Martinez, can’t cuss in private according to the Democrats so of course the Democrats shouldn’t be cussing either, right?

Yeah, I’m sure he was probably quoting somebody right?

Oops, I guess not– he says the caption is all his own idea!!!  Whoa…that kinda messes up the anti-Republican narrative, doesn’t it?

Wonder when Salon will be talking about Democrats cussing and tweeting s*$% like this?  Wonder when our friends at the Santa Fe Reporter (the classy journalists who “cyber bully” any conservative competition in an attempt to shut them up) will write about Don Brown’s tweet?  What about Joe Monahan?  Will Ho Joe Monahan bother to report on something like this for days as he did the audio recording leaked by [allegedly] disgruntled former Martinez campaign workers?

Source: Don Brown supports Lawrence Rael

Picture Source

3 thoughts on “Classy language from Lawrence Rael Supporter– but don’t worry, he’s Democrat

  1. I see this group of ProgressNow NM mush-head liberals at every protest. Maybe if the Democrat party and their Komrade Unions didn’t PAY them for protesting and they didn’t receive their monthly welfare checks on the backs of working real Americans they would have time for real jobs themselves. Gee, where is former cop Pat Davis? At the local pub? Conflicted? Sanchez and all you left-wingers on the Council- are you proud of your minion supporters now? Your party spawned these deadbeats. Is their vote really worth it? This is n-o-t peaceful dissent.


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