Sec. of State candidate Maggie Oliver implies working class must choose between voting and working

Did Maggie Oliver actually say that?!

We’ve seen Maggie Oliver promote special interests in the past:

Most recently Oliver meddled in the business of another county when she shipped in one of her workers to testify against fellow-Democrat Sandra Jeff in district court.  Jeff is a state Representative who has voted too independently and is taking heat from her own party– the progressive liberal Democrats were successful in getting Rep. Sandra Jeff taken off the Democrat primary ballot.  Maggie Oliver did her part to help “the cause.”

Does Maggie Oliver have any other pet special interests?  Yes– she has used, and continues to use, her position as county clerk to further the LGBT agenda.

So…now Clerk Maggie is meddling in yet another special interest and telling the working class they must choose between working and voting.

How dare someone use logic to solve the problem?!  The answer cannot be that simple

No.  Voting by mail is not the answer— because it just…it doesn’t help further Clerk Maggie Oliver’s agenda…

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